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Redeemer has approved programs of study in England, France, Belize, New Zealand, Australia, Nicaragua, China, Egypt, and the Netherlands, to name just a few. The benefits of spending a semester in a Redeemer approved program include retaining your status as a student of Redeemer University College for that semester (thereby allowing you to keep your scholarships, OSAP and other government funding) and allowing easy transfer of your off campus credits back into your degree program.

Have you found a program that you’re interested in which is not an approved Redeemer program? Not a problem! While you won’t receive the benefits listed above, we’ll still help you with the process of applying and evaluating courses for transfer credit.

Some of the Redeemer approved programs are linked on the left hand side. Most programs do not require specific majors or minors.

Please contact Kimberly Lammers in the Registrar’s Office if you find a program that catches your eye, or even if you have general questions or comments about the programs.