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Continuing Teacher Education at Redeemer - providing a variety of professional development opportunities for educators.

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AQ Courses
Additional Qualification (AQ) courses are courses that give certified teachers the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge and provide them with qualifications in specific areas.
Summer Institute
Redeemer University College together with ACSI, ICS, OACS, EDIFIDE and OCSAA combine their professional development offerings each summer to allow teachers from diverse school settings to build community, share ideas and discuss the challenges of teaching.
Contact Us
Contact Shalena for any questions that you may have regarding professional development opportunities for teachers.
Please Note: Our AQ courses include refreshments, lunch, and free parking for all on-site days!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Throughout the course I learned more than I could have imagined. I would recommend this course for any teacher who needs a fresh vision and the practical application to make it happen. I will approach the teaching of reading in a brand new way this year." Michele Debau – Former AQ student

"I very much enjoyed the class and will take many more AQ's at Redeemer!  The mix of in-class sessions with online work was a good fit for the course.  The hospitality at Redeemer was incredible and really made for a nice time each day we met." - Former AQ Student