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Students can apply to work on campus in the following departments:
Athletic Centre
Office - Clerical
IT Computer Help Desk
Student Life
Sound & Light
How Do I Apply?
On-Campus Employment applications for the 2015-16 school year are available by clicking here.  Students applying for an On-Campus job must also have a completed Financial Aid Application on file for the 2015-16 school year.  The deadline to apply for an On-Campus job is July 15th.
All students need a Social Insurance Number to work on campus.  To apply for a SIN, click here (.pdf).  International students will also need to complete a Service Canada employment contract to apply for a SIN

How Do I Get Paid?
Students must have a completed contract (.pdf) on file for each position that they hold on campus.

All students who will be working on campus during the academic year (including RAs, TAs, Student Senate, etc) are required to complete both the Federal (.pdf) and the Provincial (.pdf) tax forms.  If you need help completing these forms, see the Receptionist in the Main Office.  Students must also have a Canadian bank account and need to submit a VOID cheque or a direct deposit form from their bank in order to receive their pay each month.  Many financial institutions allow customers to print direct deposit forms through their online banking accounts.
All forms can be submitted to the Main Office.
Once the contract, tax forms and bank account information have been received, students will be given access to the online time card (detailed instructions found here) on WebAdvisor.  Hours must be recorded on a daily basis and then the time card must be submitted to the supervisor for approval at the end of each month.  You will be paid on the 15th of the following month by direct deposit.  Students can view their monthly pay advice through WebAdvisor by clicking on the "Employees" link.
Questions?  Contact the Financial Aid Office.

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