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Church in the Box (CITB) is a student-led ministry dedicated to uniting the community of Redeemer and surrounding area in worship. Through monthly worship services involving music, prayer, and drama, a community of believers can come to know God in a more full and real way.   
Please join us for a service! All services start at 7:00pm – all are welcome. In addition to the Redeemer students, we have many youth groups, university and college students from the area, and a number of community members join us each month.
Church in the Box 2014-2015 dates: (all services start at 7pm)
Date                                          Speaker       
September 21, 2014                  Dr. Robb Powell, Associate Chaplain

October 19
, 2014                      Pastor Jeff Strong, Grindstone Church
November 16, 2014                  Pastor Paul Vanden Brink, Dundas Calvin CRC
December 14, 2014                  Pastor Leanne Friesen, Mount Hamilton Baptist   
January 18, 2015                      Deborah Roberts, Associate Chaplain
February 8, 2015                      Aaron Gerrard, Ancaster Village Church 
March 15
, 2015                        Jay Brock, Author and Speaker

April 19
, 2015                          Syd Hielema, Christian Reformed Church
For access to past CITB podcasts and other Redeemer podcasts, visit this site:
2014-15 Theme: Keys to the Kingdom

The centrepiece of Jesus teachings is a focus on the Kingdom of God, a spiritual movement of redemption that reclaims creation from the power of evil.  His earthly ministry established this Kingdom as he “went on through cities and villages, proclaiming and bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God.” (Luke 8)  This movement would have been an incredible thing to witness.  Jesus performed many miracles through which sight was restored to the blind, health to the sick and even life returned to the dead.  The hungry were fed.  The outcasts of society were showed love and affection.  All of the events during his life indicated that he was set on improving the world around him, beginning the process of restoring creation to its original form. 

At the end of His time on earth, Jesus left this mission in the hands of his followers.  We as Christians have been assigned to play a part in carrying out this process of restoration here on earth both as individuals and in partnership with communities that we are a part of.  How do we respond to this exciting and incredibly daunting responsibility?  If He has called us to be involved in this process and we are eager to act in obedience to Him, how then should we live?

Jesus’ miracles and parables represent what the values and characteristics of this movement are and give a framework for postures and mentalities for us to take on to be a part of it.  This year Church in the Box will be focused on these ideas, each service centred around a different portion of Jesus’ teaching.  We invite you to join us as we learn to shape our response to the charge of being handed the "Keys to the Kingdom", discovering a path that will walk in step with the mission of Jesus and our role within it.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of one of the student-led Church in the Box teams, contact CITB.