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We would love to talk to you directly but we also hope that some of your questions are answered below. Please give us a call (1.877.779.0913 x4209) or send us an email (stewardship@redeemer.ca) if you need more information.


What is Redeemer’s Stewardship Policy?

Redeemer University College stands accountable before God and before you to use your resources wisely and efficiently. We are committed to financial disclosure and trustworthy stewardship.

Canada Council of Christian Charities
Christian Stewardship Services

As a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and Christian Stewardship Services, we subscribe to the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code. For more information on these organizations and the Code, please click on the logos of the institutions.

Is Redeemer a recognized charity?

Yes! Our Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency charitable registration number is: 12331 3660 RR0001

Will I receive a charitable giving receipt for my donation?

Yes! Gifts to Redeemer qualify for a charitable giving receipt. All gifts are acknowledged promptly, and receipts for personal donations are sent in early January of the next calendar year. Because of their different fiscal year-ends, donations from businesses and foundations are receipted immediately.

I have something that I want to give to Redeemer. How do I do this?

Gifts-in-Kind are used by Redeemer in a number of ways. Please contact us directly for specific details.

Can I make an anonymous gift?

Yes! Anonymous donors must list their personal information for tax purposes but that information will remain confidential within the Advancement Office. If so requested, your name will never be published.

Does Redeemer share or rent out its mailing or donor lists?

No. All donor information is held in the strictest confidence.

Can I give monthly (or quarterly, semi-annually, etc.)?

Yes! We can help you set up a convenient, regular payment schedule from your bank account or credit card.

I would like to help students with their finances. What’s the best way to do that?

All gifts to Redeemer ultimately help reduce the cost of tuition. However, if you would like to designate your gift specifically for student assistance, please refer to our priorities, designed specifically to support students. Please note that the Canada Customs Revenue Agency prohibits the issuing of receipts for tuition, residence or other mandatory fees.

Can I set up a scholarship or bursary in memory of someone?

Yes! Endowed scholarships are offered in perpetuity by using the interest generated by an untouched principal. The donor(s) are involved in determining the eligibility and criteria of these awards. Please contact us directly to discuss details.

Can I give to Redeemer in my will?

Yes! A bequest through your will can also lower estate taxed significantly.

Can I make Redeemer the beneficiary of my life insurance policy?

Yes! By doing so you will receive a charitable receipt for the cash value of the policy and for the premiums you pay.

What about stocks or shares? Can I donate them to Redeemer?

Yes! Many people prefer to support Redeemer financially in this way. In fact, you pay 0% on capital gains on donated shares, a potential significant tax savings for you.
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