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Act Five Residence Manager

Full-time  Open until Feb. 17, 2023 Starts: May 2023
The Act Five House Manager will make 75 Blake St a home and will be a mature presence who is able to model, facilitate and help maintain the rhythms of life that take place in the Act Five community, while also being available to support resident leaders as a live-in complement to the Act Five Program Lead.
The Act Five House Manager will make 75 Blake St a home and will be a mature presence who is able to model, facilitate and help maintain the rhythms of life that take place in the Act Five community, while also being available to support resident leaders as a live-in complement to the Act Five Program Lead.

Why Work at Redeemer?

For nearly 40 years Redeemer University has prepared the next generation of Christian leaders. Redeemer is committed to a Christian undergraduate liberal arts and sciences education that develops the whole person.

Rooted in a Reformed Biblical worldview, and including a diverse community representing over 50 Christian denominations, Redeemer seeks to answer the fundamental questions about where we fit into God’s story while it prepares students to engage in society’s biggest challenges. A rigorous academic program with an interdisciplinary core is supported by a vibrant community characterized by caring discipleship. The result is an enriching and transformational educational experience integrating faith, learning and service.

Redeemer offers 34 majors and streams that lead to either a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The university expects to welcome about 1000 students in the fall, served by approximately 200 faculty and staff.

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Act Five Residence Manager
Full-time  Open until Feb. 17, 2023 Starts: May 2023

The Position

Note: Act Five is preparing to launch as an independent organization as of May 2023. This role will be for the new organization, “Act Five Initiatives”. Through April 2023, Act Five is held and operated out of Redeemer University.

Act Five facilitates the Christian discipleship of young people toward living our days as rooted & engaged followers of Jesus. We are committed to the Christian formation that happens through intentional communities of learning & embodied practice, and we are excited by how young people have been shaped through this community over our first few years of operations.

Based out of Hamilton, ON, Act Five is moving toward its fifth program year and first as an independent charitable organization as of May 2023. Act Five’s primary operations are carried out of a large home in a lower Hamilton neighbourhood, and include both a gap year program and a residency program. For more information on Act Five’s mission, vision & goals, visit

The proposed Act Five House Manager role is a live-in position that oversees the state of both the physical residence of Blake St as well the community of residents, resident leaders and students living together in community. The house manager is intended to be a 10-12 hours / week (avg) role for someone who meets the following requirements:

  • Grasps and embodies the Act Five mission & vision
  • Holds previous experience living at 75 Blake St and participating in a full Act Five program year in some capacity
  • Has experience, gifts, and maturity to manage and offer support over the various elements of Act Five community life and the physical residence of 75 Blake St.
  • Is able to offer support and spiritual care for resident leaders as they care for students and the rhythms of life at 75 Blake St.
  • Is able to oversee the specific rhythms of life and discipleship of Act Five residents

The Act Five House Manager will make 75 Blake St a home and will be a mature presence able to model, facilitate and help maintain the rhythms of life that take place in the Act Five community, while also being available to support resident leaders as a live-in complement to the Act Five Program Lead, both in moments that require particular support (i.e. student wellness, crisis) as well as through regular times of check-in and care.

While the House Manager is not expected to participate in the majority of Act Five gap year programming or trips, the following program involvement is expected (in discussion with Act Five director):

  • Sunday Evensong
  • Semi-regular participation in morning prayer and evening prayer
  • Regular participation in Spaghetti Wednesday and/or other neighborhood engagement
  • An invitation to join Bible study, worship nights, storytelling nights
  • Semi-regular participation in staff meetings; as able, participation in staff retreats and professional development / discipleship opportunities as a staff member.
  • Semi-regular participation in house meetings.

When does this take place?

The Act Five House Manager role would consider the following start date and orientation requirements: A preferred move-in and start date for May 2023 so as to:

  • (a) offer oversight and care for the Act Five summer community,
  • (b) have been immersed in Act Five’s way of living and learning as well as in the Blakeley neighbourhood prior to September, and
  • (c) have space for participation with the Act Five staff team through the summer planning months.
  • Participation in a staff orientation / visioning retreat on a weekend in May (TBD).
  • Part-time participation in two weeks of staff training beginning on August 21, 2023, with leadership over relevant areas of staff training for resident leaders. (The participation of the House Manager in weekly rhythms during Act Five programming will be negotiated based on program schedule and other commitments of the House Manager.)


The House Manager will be expected to operate in a dynamic space where work, home and ministry overlaps in a way that can be difficult to manage without appropriate vision for the role, maturity, and experience that can help in the establishing of proper expectations, boundaries and personal rhythms. Along with the specific roles listed below, the House Manager is the primary person to have established 75 Blake St as his/her home. This person is someone who cares deeply for the discipleship of young people, the practice of presence and hospitality in the Blakely neighbourhood, and the stewardship and homemaking of 75 Blake St. Most importantly, this is someone who is deeply rooted in their own discipleship with Jesus in the city of Hamilton (including but not limited to their belonging to a local church).

Specifically, the House Manager will be involved in the following roles:

Oversight of the physical home.

  • While this does not mean doing all tasks, it does mean being the one who keeps an eye on the state of the physical home including the cleanliness of the home, items needing repair in or on the outside of the home, the boiler, the garage, the front and back yards, and the home’s presentation to guests and neighbours.
  • When students and RLs return from program trips, the House Manager will make sure meals are prepped and fridges appropriately stocked (can be delegated to volunteers or residents).
  • In the summer months, the House Manager will make sure someone or the community as a whole is overseeing the gardens, landscaping and cleanliness of 75 Blake St.

Support and Spiritual Care for Resident Leaders

  • As Resident Leaders are the “front line” care for doing life alongside Act Five gap year students, the House Manager is the one able to be present in the rhythms of community life at Blake St with an eye on caring for the Resident Leaders.
  • The House Manager will establish a rhythm of offering pastoral care for Resident Leaders, whether this means evening tea and times of prayer, being available to navigate crisis situations with a resident leader in the home, offering insights around the pulse of the home to help resident leaders problem solve or stepping in to give resident leaders time away to rest.

Discipleship role among Act Five residents

  • While the House Manager may be a peer of some Act Five residents, he/she will work with the Act Five director to facilitate discipleship opportunities and mentorship for Act Five residents. The planning of this is flexible and will be done by the House Manager in collaboration with the director and Program Manager.

Presence among gap year students

  • When Act Five gap year students are living in ordinary time at Blake St, the residence manager will participate in moments of community rhythms according to available hours, at times alongside the RLs, and at other times in place of the RLs so as to offer time off for RLs.
  • Considerations include evening and weekend on-call responsibilities, opportunities to lead and/or teach aspects of Act Five programming according to gifts and interests of the Residence Manager, appropriate participation in Wednesday community day activities, and regular activities as community members (i.e. meal times, hang out times, walks with students, etc).

Summer Support and Rhythms

  • The House Manager will lead rhythms of chores, discipleship opportunities, neighbourhood engagement, house meetings and overall community life among summer residents.

Preferred Skills and Attributes

You are committed to your own walk with Jesus and have experience in facilitating the spiritual life of young adults. You have a thorough understanding of the Act Five mission and vision, and are committed to uphold and embody these in this role.

  • You are prepared to make 75 Blake St your home for a minimum of 2 years and are prepared for the realities of community living among various young adults.
  • You are interested and capable in supporting rhythms of life ranging from cooking and gardening to times of worship and prayer.
  • You have experience working in crisis or conflict situations and are willing to learn emergency response protocols. You are willing to take CPR and First Aid Training, Mental Health First Aid, and/or SAFE Talk training as is required.
  • You have strong communication skills, including being able to listen well. You are gifted in developing rapport with young people and being a steady presence.
  • You can be on call night or day as is needed and reasonable.
  • You are willing to learn new skills, willing to grow and be stretched and see yourself as inviting other young people to join you on the way of your own discipleship with Jesus.

Other Requirements

  • You have previous experience living in the Act Five community alongside or as staff within the Act Five gap year program.
  • You have gifts in working on a ministry team. Act Five operates as a highly collaborative and innovative team, and the Residence Manager would be considered part of Act Five’s leadership team inviting involvement in discernment, problem solving, visioning, etc.
  • Knowledge about what resources are available for young people who are intentionally stepping into an intensive environment is an asset - resources for personal wellness, difficult questions, interpersonal conflict management, etc.

Compensation Details:

The compensation package for this role includes the following:

  • Free housing benefit through the duration of the contract (this is a taxable benefit). This will be coordinated with the Act Five director, but the expectation is this person would
  • Have their own room at a minimum.
  • Live either in the basement apartment, 2nd floor apartment or on the 3rd floor
  • Costs covered for any meal joined with the Act Five program
  • Discipleship / formation opportunities as a member of the Act Five staff team, including retreats, professional development opportunities, conference participation and more.

The Application Process

Applicants are requested to email their application materials (cover letter, resume, contact info for two references) and include a statement that articulates their faith perspective and its relation to the mission of Act Five. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Position reports to: Act Five Director

Submit applications to: (please quote position title in subject line)

Expiry date: Posted until Feb. 17, 2023 (applications will be reviewed upon submission, so please apply ASAP)

Anticipated start date: May 2023

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