As people who share a sense of awe and passion for living systems, we strive to create opportunities for students who share this passion to learn, gain experience, and prepare for a vocation in the life sciences. The mission of the biology department is to provide a comprehensive university-level education in biology in the liberal arts and science tradition which is Scripturally-directed and explores the relation of faith, learning, and living from a Reformed Christian perspective; and to carry out research in this context.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our programs will:

  • Describe the diversity of life at the molecular, physiological, and ecological level
  • Express a sense of awe at the beauty and complexity of living systems in God’s creation
  • Propose good research questions, carry out well-designed experiments, and clearly communicate their research results
  • Understand and provide a rational and faith-informed opinion on politically and religiously- charged biological issues including climate change, gene therapy, genetically modified foods, the origin of life, stem cell research
  • Prepare for graduate study, medical school, careers in science and health-related vocations, and the teaching profession.

Biology Department Programs


The Biology Department maintains and uses two outdoor teaching areas on campus: the Whaley Teaching Garden and a natural regeneration site. A rooftop greenhouse on our Academic Building provides teaching and research space for students interested in botany.

Biology Department Faculty

Dr. Joel Klinck

Assistant Professor of Biology

Ph.D. (2012), Biology, McMaster University; Dissertation: Cadmium and Calcium Transport Along the... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4411
Office: 221A
Joel Klinck completed his honours biology undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. He then worked for Dr. Richard Playle at WLU for a year after his BSc and it is there that he began his... Read More

Prof. Jennifer Chiang

Lecturer of Biology


Director of the Whaley Teaching Garden


Coordinator, Elementary School and High School Science Programs

M.Sc. (1979), University of Toronto; B.Sc. (1977), University of Toronto
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4245
Office: 221B
Jennifer Chiang earned her degree in Neurobiology at the University of Toronto where she studied the neurobiology of crustaceans. Today her research includes the neurobiology of Rhodnius prolixus(a... Read More


Christina Givens

Sessional Assistant Professor of Biology

MSc (Trent University – Watershed Ecosystems)


Dr. Erin Leonard

Sessional Assistant Professor of Biology

PhD (McMaster University – Integrative Physiology and Toxicology)


Dr. Gary Chiang

Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D. (1983), University of Toronto; M.Sc. (1977), University of Toronto; B.Sc. (1975), University... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4241
Office: 221C
Gary Chiang received his PhD in Invertebrate Neurobiology from the U. of T. in 1982, and presently studies reproductive physiology in blood sucking insects. Besides his teaching and research in... Read More