Students explore the exciting world of mathematics by finding, exploring, representing, applying and verifying numerical and spacial patterns of creation. The mathematics program concentrates on developing good technique for solving problems and proving theorems in a exploratory atmosphere that can be intense yet playful. In the context of a broad spectrum of the applications of mathematics, the program also examines the relationship of mathematics with other disciplines, and explores the implications of various discoveries and constructions of mathematics, taking into account historical and philosophical contexts. All of this is done in the light of the Scriptures which declare God to be the Creator and Sustainer of the world (including our analytic ability).

The program serves prospective teachers of mathematics, students who intend to work in a wide range of applied mathematics positions, and also those who intend to study further mathematics at the graduate level. The faculty aims to model what it means to be a mathematical researcher and do joint research with students.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our program will:

  • Obtain a detailed understanding of major fields in mathematics, and learn to develop and apply mathematics in new contexts.
  • Explore the amazing power and beauty of mathematics, and also the limits of mathematics.
  • Obtain historical context about the development of mathematics, understand how mathematics has shaped and shapes society and describe mathematics through the lens of faith.



Honours Major Major Minor

Mathematics Department Faculty

Dr. Kyle Spyksma

Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics, Interim Vice President, Academic
Ph.D. (2007), Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, McGill University; Dissertation: On the dynamics... Read More

Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen

Professor of Mathematics, Director of Research
Ph.D. (1995), Mathematics and Statistics, Queen’s University; M.Sc. (1991), Mathematics and... Read More


Prof. Jody Bruulsema

Adjunct Instructor in Physics
M.Sc. (1998), Medical Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON; B.Sc. (1993), Applied Physics,... Read More