The Media Communications department at Redeemer University enables and encourages the next generation of storytellers with the technical skills and Christian vision to live, work, and lead in an evolving media world.

As part of its Reformed Christian mission, Redeemer’s Media and Communication Studies Department aims to equip students to interpret, assess, and interact with mass media in ways that enable them to discern the messages they are receiving and to understand the influence of those messages on both personal and collective identity. Further, the department seeks to shape the next generation of what Andy Crouch might call Christian culture-makers. Culture-making graduates will be grounded in a biblical worldview, will have the breadth of knowledge and learning that emerges from a liberal arts and sciences education, will have a deep philosophical understanding of media and culture, and will be equipped with the theoretical foundations and practical skills for working in the media and communication industry. As a result, the Media and Communication Studies Program prepares students for callings and careers that breathe the message of shalom into and through the major media forms that dominate our culture.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our program will:

  • Communicate effectively in oral, written, and visual contexts.
  • Interpret and assess the manner in which media may shape our personal and collective assumptions about others, ourselves, and our world.
  • Demonstrate a Christian understanding of  communication and the media, one that enables them to listen deeply to voices unlike their own and speak appropriate words of healing and critique.
  • Are themselves productive culture makers, equipped with both the theoretical foundations and practical, imaginative skills for working with Christian integrity in media and communication industries.

Media and Communication Studies Department Programs

Media and Communication Studies Department Faculty

Dr. Murray Stiller

Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Ph.D. (2015), Media Communication, European Graduate School (Summa cum laude); Dissertation:... Read More
Murray Stiller is a Vancouver/Toronto based filmmaker. He began working in the film industry as a sound mixer and boom operator before becoming an editor and sound designer on documentaries, shorts,... Read More

Dr. Naaman Wood

Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Th.M. (2014), Scripture and the Arts, Duke University, Duke Divinity School;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4319
Office: 127B
Naaman Wood works and teaches at the intersection of communication and theology. After earning an M.A. in cinema studies and a Ph.D. in media and rhetoric from Regent University, Wood received an... Read More