Believing the Christian worldview uniquely equips us for this task, the mission of Redeemer University’s psychology department is to study and understand human thought, emotion and behaviour with all necessary tools—scientific, theoretical, and experiential—and to apply the fruits of this investigation to improve human life, advance knowledge, and prepare for a broad range of human callings, all to the glory of God.

Learning Outcomes

We aim to equip students with three main competencies, scientific, theoretical, and experiential

Scientific.  Demonstrate the ability to understand and critically assess scientific results, develop testable research questions, design reliable and valid empirical studies, conduct correct and transparent analyses, draw appropriate conclusions, and communicate those conclusions with honesty, openness, and integrity.

Theoretical.  Discern and describe the ways non-Christian worldview assumptions have shaped modern psychology and show how the methods, concepts, and findings of contemporary psychology fit within a broader, distinctively Christian Scriptural and theoretical framework.

Experiential.  Authentically know self, others, and God, see these as inextricably linked, and apply this knowledge to personal growth and to benefit society.




Honours Major Major Minor

Psychology Department Faculty

Dr. Marie Good

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. (2011), Psychology (Lifespan Development), Brock University; Thesis: Exploring the... Read More

Dr. Russell Kosits

Professor of Psychology, Program Director for Psychology
Ph.D. (2004), University of New Hampshire; M.T.S. (2004), University of New Hampshire; M.A. (2000),... Read More

Dr. Doug Needham

Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology, McMaster University; B.Arts & Sci. (Honours), McMaster University

Dr. Lindsey Short

Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. (2014), Developmental Psychology, Brock University; M.A. (2010), Developmental Psychology,... Read More

Prof. Brenda Stephenson

Associate Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology, North Central University; M.A. (1983), Psychology, Wheaton College;... Read More