Our mission is to deepen your understanding of the Christian faith and life by exploring its Biblical roots, theological framework, missional thrust, ethical calling, historical development, and global context. Courses in the Old and New Testaments, church history, theology, mission, ministry, world religions, and ethics will equip you to defend and live out your faith and lay a solid foundation for further Biblical and theological studies at seminary/graduate school or compliment your calling in a wide variety of areas. Redeemer brings a rich diversity of students from different denominational backgrounds together with professors who have years of hands-on ministry experience to make Redeemer a vibrant place to study the Bible and theology in depth and in light of our current culture.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our programs will:

  • Analyze how the biblical narrative is the foundation for understanding our culture and our callings as Christians in this world.
  • Identify and articulate an understanding of the basic features of Christianity: its Scriptures, history and theology.
  • Critically appreciate the key concepts, methodologies, theoretical approaches, and assumptions in the theological disciplines of the Christian tradition.
  • Demonstrate how biblical studies and theology inform the practices of the church, various form of ministry and mission.


Religion Department Faculty

Dr. David Beldman

Associate Professor of Religion & Theology
Ph.D. (2013), Old Testament Studies, University of Bristol; Dissertation: The Completion of... Read More

Dr. Ken Herfst

Assistant Professor of Ministry
Ph.D., Universidad Panamericana, Guatemala City; M.Div., Theological College of the Canadian... Read More

Dr. Jessica Joustra

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2019), Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary. Dissertation: Following the Way of... Read More


Dr. Gene Haas

Professor Emeritus of Religion & Theology
D.Th. (1989), Christian Ethics, University of Toronto; Dissertation: The Concept of Equity in... Read More


Dr. Peter Schuurman

Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. (2016), Religious Studies, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON.; Dissertation: “Bruxy... Read More


Dr. Michael Wagenman

Part time instructor
PhD., University of Bristol