God loves the world that he made. Despite the fact that mankind was, and is, arrogant in casting Him aside He desires communion with us — so much so much so that He became incarnated in Jesus, whose sacrificial death completes the ancient covenant between us and God. We respond by making theatre and performance. We play with time, light, darkness, movement, texture, and sound etc.. He has given us the story of the world in a narrative form which playfully utilizes dramatic structure, poetic imagery, and language(s). He has made people with unique, complex personalities and equally complex emotional lives to exist in the context of a creation built with these elements. He has given us the desire to tell stories — to incarnate so that we might come to know Him more fully. He has made us to be receptive to the stories of others. Furthermore, He has created people with the desire to imaginatively explore — to play with these various facets of creation — so that they might come to know their world, and its Creator more intimately. These things help to define a Christian worldview as it pertains to theatre, and as it is explored here at Redeemer University.

Learning Outcomes

Our programs aim to:

  • Affirm the organic relationship between performance and God’s creation
  • Train the body, voice, and mind to be responsive and powerful to serve the demands of performance
  • Infuse our thinking about performance with spiritual insight
  • Claim the history of performance, including performance text, as a place where God has always been active
  • Craft stories and performances that are true — that speak truthfully to the nature of the human condition
  • Inspire all students to specifically situate performance in the context of the community (communities) to which it belongs