We believe that character development happens in the classroom as much as outside of it. Our faculty teach, mentor and disciple students through learning. The integration of faith and cross-discipline exploration in the classroom challenges students to examine and rediscover everything they learn in light of their deepest beliefs.


Applied Social Sciences

Dr. Morgan Braganza

Assistant Professor of Social Work

Ph.D. (2020), Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University.Dissertation Topic: Improving Encounters with... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4406
Office: 219B
Before joining Redeemer, Dr. Braganza was an adjunct faculty member at Wilfrid Laurier University teaching courses in the Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work, and at Martin Luther University... Read More

Dr. Timothy Epp

Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences

Ph.D. (1999), Anthropology, York University; Dissertation: People First: Voicing Disability,... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4247
Office: 219C

Dr. James R. Vanderwoerd

Professor of Social Work


Chair of the Department of Applied Social Sciences


Director of Faculty Mentoring

Ph.D. (2003), Social Welfare, Case Western Reserve University; Dissertation: Secular and Religious... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4434
Office: 219D
Dr. James R. Vanderwoerd has worked in social services and education for more than thirty years in both the USA and Canada. Prior to joining the faculty at Redeemer in 2006, he was the Director of... Read More


Prof. Phil Irish

Assistant Professor of Art

M.F.A. (2012), Visual Art, York University; Thesis: Makeshift; B.A. (1995), University of Guelph
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4497
Office: 241C
Being an artist has become, for Phil Irish, a way of exploring the world, stimulating imagination, and of sparking deep exchange with others. Irish attained an MFA at York University and a BA in Fine... Read More


Dr. David Hoekman

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Ecology, The Graduate School at the University; of Notre Dame, Notre Dame IN, May 2008.;... Read More
Office: 221C
Dr. Hoekman joined Redeemer in Fall, 2020, in the Biology Department. Previously, he was an Associate Professor of Biology at Southern Nazarene University, and the director of the Quetzal Education... Read More

Dr. Joel Klinck

Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D. (2012), Biology, McMaster University; Dissertation: Cadmium and Calcium Transport Along the... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4411
Office: 221F
Joel Klinck completed his honours biology undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. He then worked for Dr. Richard Playle at WLU for a year after his BSc and it is there that he began his... Read More

Ron van der Heiden

Lab Instructor

Phone: 905-648-2131   Ext: 4277
Office: 240A


Dr. Gary Chiang

Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D. (1983), University of Toronto; M.Sc. (1977), University of Toronto; B.Sc. (1975), University... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4241
Office: 221C
Gary Chiang received his PhD in Invertebrate Neurobiology from the U. of T. in 1982, and presently studies reproductive physiology in blood sucking insects. Besides his teaching and research in... Read More


Dr. Vahagn Asatryan

Associate Professor of Business

Ph.D. (2006), Management & Marketing, Foodservice & Lodging, Iowa State University;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4476
Office: 219H

Prof. Laurie Busuttil

Associate Professor and Chair, Business Program

M.B.A. (2011), McMaster University; M.T.S. (McMaster University, 2017); CPM
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4276
Office: 219J
Prof. Busuttil’s broad industry experience prepares her to teach several marketing courses, as well as Human Resource Management, Business Ethics, Not-for-Profit Management, and Social... Read More

Prof. Susan J. Van Weelden

Professor of Business


Dean of Social Sciences

CPA, CMA (1990); M.B.A. (1988), Accounting, McMaster University
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4235
Office: 219K
Prof. Van Weelden has taught at Redeemer for over 30 years, having taught 20 different courses during that time. Her specialty is accounting but she also loves to teach strategy, leadership, and... Read More


Heidi DeVries



Letitia Fluit

Adjunct Faculty


Peter Karsten



Jordan Kuyvenhoven

Adjunct Faculty

B.A. (2002), Business, Redeemer University College; CPA, CA (2004)
Jordan Kuyvenhoven obtained his CPA in 2004 while working in a small public accounting firm in Mississauga. Jordan became a partner in 2012 serving a wide variety of clients until 2014 when he... Read More


Jonathan Wellum


Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Dr. Edward Berkelaar

Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies


Chair of the Departments of Chemistry, Environmental Studies, and Geography

Ph.D. (2000), Ecotoxicology, University of Guelph; Dissertation: Accumulation of cadmium by durum... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4401
Office: 221E
Edward grew up on a farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. After completing an undergraduate degree, he moved to Ontario to study plant science and environmental toxicology at the University of Guelph. He... Read More

Dr. Darren Brouwer

Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. (2003), Chemistry, University of British Columbia; Dissertation: Location, Disorder, and... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4240
Office: 221D
Darren Brouwer is Professor of Chemistry at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario where he teaches chemistry and environmental science, carries out research on developing new methods for... Read More

Roger Luckham

Lab Instructor

Phone: 905-648-2131   Ext: 4485
Office: 236


Mark Buma

Instructor of Geography and Environmental Studies

Mark Buma received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Dordt College in Sioux Centre, Iowa. He went on to pursue a post-graduate certification in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at... Read More


Dr. Eric Windhorst

Instructor of Geography and Environmental Studies

BSc (Biology/Chemistry); MA (Theology); MA (Geography); PhD (Social & Cultural Health Studies)
Eric is passionate about personal growth and our planetary home. Reflecting his diverse educational background, Eric's research interests are broad and transdisciplinary: he's particularly curious... Read More


Dr. Christina Belcher

Professor of Education


Chair of the Department of Education, OCT

Ph.D. (2012), Monash University; Thesis: Worldview in Christian higher education: A... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4440
Office: 207C
Dr. Christina Belcher, Professor and Chair of Education at Redeemer University College, is a committed Christian with published writings in the area of children’s, contemporary and special theme... Read More

Dr. Terry Loerts

Associate Professor of Education


Practicum Supervisor

Ph.D. (2014), Curriculum Studies with a focus on literacy. Western University. Faculty of... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4271
Office: 207D
In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I enjoy research topics that have to do with multiliteracies and curriculum.  I have been doing research with visual journals in higher education,... Read More

Dr. Sean Schat

Assistant Professor of Education

Ph. D. (2019). Cognition and Learning – Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario.; M. Ed.... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2131   Ext: 4493
Office: 207B
Prior to his recently completed dissertation research, Sean worked as a classroom teacher and educational leader (director of staff development, vice-principal, and principal) in independent schools... Read More

Dr. Phil Teeuwsen

Associate Professor of Education, (OCT)


Director of Teacher Education

Ph.D. (2016), Educational Studies, Brock University; Thesis Title: Understanding the Intersection... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4496
Office: 207A


Prof. Emeritus Hugh Cook

Professor Emeritus of English

M.F.A. (1987), Creative Writing, The Writers’ Workshop, University of Iowa. Thesis: Cracked;... Read More

Dr. Karen Dieleman

Dean of Humanities



Professor of English

Ph.D. (2006), English, McMaster University. Dissertation: Women, Worship, and Writing: The... Read More
Phone:   Ext: 2436
After ten years of teaching at a sister institution in the great city of Chicago, Dieleman returned to Ancaster to serve as Dean of Humanities and a professor of English at Redeemer. Her scholarship... Read More

Dr. Ben Faber

Associate Professor of English

D.Phil. (1992), University of Oxford; Dissertation: The Poetics of Subversion and Conservatism:... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4400
Office: 239B
Dr. Ben Faber has published essays on William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, and Henry Alline’s sermons and hymns. He has recently presented conference... Read More

Dr. Jonathan Juilfs

Associate Professor of English

Ph.D. (2011), Medieval Studies, The Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4272
Office: 208B
As a medieval literature specialist, Juilfs focuses on religious writings (poetry, visionary and mystical literature) in English, Latin, and Old French covering the years 1100-1485. His doctoral... Read More

Prof. Doug Sikkema

Sessional Assistant Professor of English

Dr. John Van Rys

Professor of English

Ph.D. (1991), English, Dalhousie University; Dissertation: Loopholes and Catacombs: Elements of... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4212
Office: 239A
With an MA from Western University and a PhD from Dalhousie University, Van Rys works in two scholarly areas: Modern Canadian Literature and writing pedagogy. In the past decade, he has presented... Read More


Dr. Deborah C. Bowen

Professor Emerita of English

Ph.D. (1990), English, University of Ottawa; Dissertation: Mimesis, Magic, Manipulation: A Study... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2131  
Office: 219M
Bowen’s monograph Stories of the Middle Space: Reading the Ethics of Postmodern Realisms (McGill-Queen’s U P, 2010) and her edited collection of essays The Strategic Smorgasbord of... Read More


Prof. Bill Fledderus

Adjunct Lecturer in English

M.A. (1995), English/Creative Writing, University of Alberta; Thesis title: The Artificial... Read More


Dr. Allan Curnew

Assistant Professor of French


Chair of the French Department

Ph.D. (2010), French Literature, University of Western Ontario; Thesis Title: “Perte, perversion... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4217
Office: 127C
Dr. Curnew came to Redeemer in 2011 and became Department Chair the following year. He particularly enjoys the opportunity he has here to teach a wide variety of courses with topics closely... Read More

Health Sciences

Dr. Gloria Kim

Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Toronto (St. George). Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences,... Read More
Office: 221B

Dr. Sarah Reid-Yu

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Ph.D. (2014), Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton ON; Dissertation... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4261
Office: 221H
With the growing concern over the increasing prevalence of “super bugs”, Dr. Reid-Yu is interested in understanding how bacterial pathogens develop antibiotic resistance. In particular, how... Read More

History, Politics & International Studies

Dr. K. J. Drake

Sessional Assistant Professor of History

Ph.D. (2018), Historical Theology, St. Louis University; M.Div. (2012), Covenant Theological... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2131   Ext: 4287
Office: 208D
Dr. Drake is sessional assistant professor of History at Redeemer. He grew up in Friend, Nebraska and received his BA in History, Classics, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Latin from... Read More

Dr. Kevin Flatt

Professor of History


Chair of the Department of History, Politics and International Studies

Ph.D. (2009), History, McMaster University; M.A. (2004), History, University of Western Ontario;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4435
Office: 208C
Kevin Flatt is professor of history and chair of the Department of History, Politics, and International Studies. He teaches courses covering several areas of modern history in Canada, Europe, and the... Read More

Dr. Robert Joustra

Associate Professor of Politics & International Studies


Director, Centre for Christian Scholarship

Ph.D. (2013), International Relations, University of Bath; Dissertation: The Religious Problem in... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4301
Office: 208F
Robert Joustra is Associate Professor of Politics & International Studies (POLIS) at Redeemer, and founding-Director of Redeemer’s Centre for Christian Scholarship. He is currently working on... Read More


Prof. Ed Bosveld

Part-time instructor, Law and Public Policy

Phone: 905-648-2131   Ext: 4201


Prof. Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo

Part-time instructor, International Development


Prof. Petra Kooman

Part-time instructor, Human Rights


Prof. Helen Vreugdenhil

Adjunct Professor of History (Part time)

MA (1988), History, University of Toronto; BA (1987), History and English, Redeemer University... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2131   Ext: 4268


Dr. David Zietsma

Provost and Vice President, Academic


Associate Professor of History

Ph.D. (2007), History, University of Akron; Dissertation: Imagining Heaven and Hell: Religion,... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4227
Office: 100S

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Professor Lorenzo Love

Sessional Assistant Professor

Doctorate of Philosophy in Kinesiology – (candidate); Western University, London, ON; Master of... Read More
Office: 111D

Prof. Dianne Elizabeth Moroz

Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Ph.D. Candidate: Faculty of Heath Sciences, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4253
Office: 111C

Dr. Jane Sinden

Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education


Associate Professor of Education

Ph.D. (2007), Education, University of Western Ontario; Dissertation: The Normalization of Emotion... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4461
Office: 111B


Dr. Kyle Spyksma

Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics


Interim Associate Vice President, Academic Operations


Dean of Sciences


Chair of the Department of Health Sciences

Ph.D. (2007), Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, McGill University; Dissertation: On the dynamics... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4204
Office: 101B

Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen

Professor of Mathematics


Director of Research


Chair of the Mathematics Department

Ph.D. (1995), Mathematics and Statistics, Queen’s University; M.Sc. (1991), Mathematics and... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4238
Office: 221G

Media and Communication Studies

Dr. Murray Stiller

Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Ph.D. (2015), Media Communication, European Graduate School (Summa cum laude); Dissertation:... Read More
Murray Stiller is a Vancouver/Toronto based filmmaker. He began working in the film industry as a sound mixer and boom operator before becoming an editor and sound designer on documentaries, shorts,... Read More

Dr. Naaman Wood

Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Th.M. (2014), Scripture and the Arts, Duke University, Duke Divinity School;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4319
Office: 127B
Naaman Wood works and teaches at the intersection of communication and theology. After earning an M.A. in cinema studies and a Ph.D. in media and rhetoric from Regent University, Wood received an... Read More


Dr. Christiaan Teeuwsen

Professor of Music

D.M.A. (1987), Organ Performance, University of Iowa; Solo Diploma (1985), Organ, Sweelinck... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4252
Office: 127A


Dr. Adam Barkman

Professor of Philosophy


Chair of the Department of Philosophy

Ph.D. (2009), Philosophy, Free University of Amsterdam; M.A. (2002), English Literature, University... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4226
Office: 128E
Adam Barkman (PhD, Free University of Amsterdam) is the author and editor of eleven books, most recently A Critical Companion to James Cameron (Lexington, 2018) and Making Sense of Islamic Art... Read More


Dr. Marie Good

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph.D. (2011), Psychology (Lifespan Development), Brock University; Thesis: Exploring the... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4254
Office: 219K
Marie started working at Redeemer in July of 2014. She is a developmental psychologist who is fascinated by the role that spiritual and religious beliefs play in the social, emotional, and physical... Read More

Dr. Russell Kosits

Professor of Psychology


Chair of the Psychology Department

Ph.D. (2004), University of New Hampshire; M.T.S. (2004), University of New Hampshire; M.A. (2000),... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4274
Office: 219G
All scientific work is inevitably shaped by “worldviews,” or beliefs about ultimate questions. My work as a teacher and scholar flows out of this central truth, in two particular ways.  First,... Read More

Dr. Doug Needham

Professor of Psychology

Ph.D. Psychology, McMaster University; B.Arts & Sci. (Honours), McMaster University
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4210
Office: 219E

Dr. Lindsey Short

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ph.D. (2014), Developmental Psychology, Brock University; M.A. (2010), Developmental Psychology,... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4249
Office: 219L
Broadly, my research interests involve the role of experience in shaping our ability to recognize and process faces. As such, I am interested in the various environmental factors that influence how... Read More

Prof. Brenda Stephenson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology, North Central University; M.A. (1983), Psychology, Wheaton College;... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4283
Office: 219F
Brenda Stephenson combines her scholarly/teaching work with a clinical practice. Her clinical practice not only keeps her therapeutic skills current, but also provides insight into what may cause... Read More

Religion and Theology

Dr. David Beldman

Associate Professor of Religion & Theology


Chair of the Department of Religion and Theology

Ph.D. (2013), Old Testament Studies, University of Bristol; Dissertation: The Completion of... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4244
Office: 128D
David Beldman is an associate professor in the department of Religion and Theology and serves as the department chair. He earned a PhD in Old Testament Studies at the University of Bristol. He has a... Read More

Dr. Ken Herfst

Assistant Professor of Ministry

Ph.D., Universidad Panamericana, Guatemala City; M.Div., Theological College of the Canadian... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4293
Office: 128A
Married to Jackie for over 30 years, together they have five children and six grandchildren. In his spare time, Ken enjoys baking artisan bread and in addition to regular watercolour painting, he has... Read More

Dr. Jessica Joustra

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (2019), Christian Ethics, Fuller Theological Seminary. Dissertation: Following the Way of... Read More
Office: 128B
Jessica Joustra is an Assistant Professor of Religion and Theology at Redeemer and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Neo-Calvinist Research Institute of the Theologische Universiteit Kampen. She... Read More


Dr. Gene Haas

Professor Emeritus of Religion & Theology

D.Th. (1989), Christian Ethics, University of Toronto; Dissertation: The Concept of Equity in... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4295
Office: 128B


Dr. Steve Harris

Part Time Instructor

PhD. (2015), Christian Theology, University of Durham
Office: 219M
Steven Edward Harris is an alumnus of Redeemer (2010) and holds his PhD in Christian Theology from the University of Durham (2015). He works in systematic, historical and biblical theology. He has... Read More


Dr. Peter Schuurman

Adjunct Professor

Ph.D. (2016), Religious Studies, University of Waterloo; M.Div. (2003), McMaster Divinity School;... Read More
Office: 219M
Dr. Schuurman is the Executive Director of Global Scholars Canada, an organization dedicated to identifying, sending, resourcing and networking Christian scholars in public institutions worldwide. He... Read More


Dr. Michael Wagenman

Part time instructor

PhD., University of Bristol
Office: 219M
Dr. Wagenman completed his PhD at the University of Bristol (UK) and his academic research is aimed primarily at the biblical, theological, and philosophical issue of power, primarily as it comes to... Read More

Theatre Arts

Dr. Sharon Klassen

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

Ph.D. Candidate, Drama, University of Toronto; Dissertation: Finding a new morality: Oscar... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4478
Office: 127D
Sharon Klassen, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, holds a B.Journ., BA Hons. and MA from Carleton University and is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. Prof. Klassen teaches courses in... Read More

Prof. Raymond Louter

Professor of Theatre Arts & Communication

M.A. (1991), Drama, University of Guelph; Thesis: Playfulness and Performance.; M.F.A. (1984),... Read More
Phone: 905-648-2139   Ext: 4248
Office: 217E