Redeemer’s AQ courses are completed in a blended online and in-class format with, approximately, 25% of the course completed face-to-face and the balance of the course completed online. Courses are generally structured so that the beginning and end of the course are completed in-class. The first session introduces students to the course and the online platform. The online components of the course continue between in-class sessions. The course is completed with an in-class session to complete course items such as final presentations and an evaluation of the course content, format and instructor.

The in-class sessions will utilize a variety of relevant, meaningful and practical instructional strategies. Learning will be accomplished through direct learning, small group interactions, peer presentations, independent study and cooperative learning. Videos, online readings and links, special guest presenters and adaptive technology elements will be used to support and extend the text and instruction. A case study method is employed to provide experiential learning opportunities.

For online learning, Redeemer utilizes Discovery, an open-source course management system in which the instructor posts weekly modules or sessions outlined in the course syllabus and usually focused on course themes. They can include lecture slides, audio/video files, forums, discussion groups, webquests and wikis. Regular online participation is expected but courses are generally asynchronous, meaning that students do not have to be on-line at a certain time.