Q. How do I register for an AQ course?

A. Visit our Register page, and fill out the registration form for the course you are interested in taking.

Q. How do I know if my registration in the course is confirmed?

A. Students will receive a confirmation email once registration has been processed. A confirmation letter providing course details will be mailed to each student shortly before the start date of the course.

Q. How do I obtain a Certificate of Experience Form?

A. View the Certificate of Experience Form

Q. Who is my supervisory officer?

A. A supervisory officer is a superintendent or assistant superintendent of the board in which a teacher is employed. A principal is not a supervisory officer. For teachers in Christian or private schools, the Certificate of Experience must be signed by the supervisory officer who oversees independent schools within the Ministry of Education Regional Office in which the Christian school resides. Find more information about Ministry of Education Regional Offices.

Q. What is the format for AQ courses?

A. For these courses, approximately 25% of the course is completed face-to-face through in-class sessions and the balance is completed online. For online learning, Redeemer utilizes Discovery, an open-source course management system in which the instructor posts weekly modules or sessions, which are outlined in the course syllabus and which usually focus on course themes.

Q. Will I be required to be online at specific times?

A. Regular online participation is expected but courses are generally asynchronous, meaning that students do not have to be online at a certain time.

Q. Do I need to be computer literate to take an AQ course?

A. Students need to have basic computer literacy, including familiarity with keyboarding, Windows basics, Internet and email. Learn more about AQ admission requirements.

Q. What is the fee for an AQ course?

A. For the 2015-16 academic year, the fee for an AQ course is $722, which includes parking for all in-class sessions.