Co-operative Education Programs

For more details about hiring a Co-op student including information about expectations for employers, click on the applicable link below. Details are also described in the Employer Guide:


Employers can hire interns from many programs including as Biology, Business, Chemistry/Biochemistry, English Writing, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, History, Kinesiology, Media Production, Mission & Ministry, Music Ministry, Politics & International Studies, Psychology, and Social Work with new programs being added periodically. Follow this link for more employer information.

Incentives & Tax Credits

Click on any of the following links to see the available government funding programs to partially offset the cost of hiring students.

  1. Student Work Placement Program
  2. Ontario Co-op Education Tax Credit
  3. Ontario Innovation Tax Credit
  4. Ontario Credits, Benefits and Incentives for Businesses
  5. Canada Summer Jobs
  6. Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program
  7. Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council
  8. NSERC’s Experience Awards
  9. FedDev Ontario
  10. Innovation Canada
  11. Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
  12. Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)
  13. Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
  14. Rural Economic Development program

Student Work Placement Program (SWPP)

The Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) funding program continues to support quality work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences for students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and business.

Employers are eligible to receive wage subsidies of 50 to 70% up to $7,000 to hire Co-operative Education and Internship students. There are some restrictions.
The subsidy is managed through various, sector-specific Employer Delivery Partners (EDPs). The Partners are all sector-specific except for Magnet and Ontario Chambers of Commerce which are targeting all employment sectors and students from all study disciplines. Significantly, this means that students in the liberal arts can be employed and supported through these subsidies.
There are several confirmed industry partners administering the SWPP program. Please check out the government website above for more information about this program, see the latest informational letter, or contact our office at the coordinates below.

Ontario Co-op Education Tax Credit

The Co-operative Education Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit. It is available to employers who hire students enrolled in a co-operative education program at an Ontario university or college. The tax credit is based on salaries and wages paid to a student in a co-operative education work placement. Corporations can claim 25 percent of eligible expenditures (30 percent for small businesses). The maximum credit for each work placement is $3,000. Most work placements are for a minimum employment period of 10 weeks up to a maximum of four months.

Ontario Innovation Tax Credit (OITC)

OITC allows eligible corporations to claim a 10% refundable tax credit, up to $300,000 per year for qualified expenditures on scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) performed in Ontario. Qualified expenditures include salaries and wages of employees directly engaged in SR&ED.

Ontario Credits, Benefits and Incentives for Businesses

Research and Development (R&D) is a critical driver of innovation and productivity growth in business. The 2018 Ontario Budget proposes to transform R&D tax support to encourage R&D activities by large and small businesses. A number of tax credits and incentives are available to businesses in Ontario to help lower costs, hire/train workers, compete in the marketplace and support various sectors. Follow the link above to see a list of tax credits and incentives available to businesses and learn more about how to receive them.

Canada Summer Jobs

Canada Summer Jobs is an initiative by the Government of Canada for eligible not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers and small businesses (50 or fewer employees) who create summer job opportunities for full-time students age 15 to 30 intending to return to their studies in the next school year.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program

Through the SR&ED Program, the federal government offers up to 35% investments tax credits for Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors that conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada that will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes. Claimants can apply for SR&ED investment tax credits for expenditures such as wages, materials, machinery, equipment, some overhead, and SR&ED contracts.

Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

NSERC aims to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for the benefit of all Canadians. The agency supports university students in their advanced studies, promotes and supports discovery research, and fosters innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in postsecondary research projects. NSERC researchers are on the vanguard of science, building on Canada’s long tradition of scientific excellence. They support a number of programs including the one listed below.

NSERC’s Experience Awards

Through the Industrial Undergraduate Research Awards (IUSRA), NSERC provides funding up to $6000 per student for eligible private corporations that hire undergraduate researchers on a 14-16 week work term to undertake a project of importance to the firm.

FedDev Ontario

Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) will help to create a more competitive southern Ontario economy by focusing on providing business training to new entrepreneurs, helping them to start a new business and attract the private angel and/or venture capital required to grow a business commercializing world-leading innovations.

Innovation Canada

From funding to expert advice to driving new collaborations, our flagship programs and services are designed to help businesses innovate, create jobs and grow Canada’s economy.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) wants to partner with business-minded Northerners to develop innovative technologies, invest in infrastructure, bolster collaboration and build economic development capacity. By supporting your business vision, we can strengthen the North’s competitive advantage. The NOHFC offers six programs: The Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program, the Northern Community Capacity Building Program, the Northern Innovation Program, the Northern Business Opportunity Program, the Northern Event Partnership Program and the Northern Ontario Internship Program. You can read through the program descriptions to determine which program best supports your business vision.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

We provide innovation and funding services customized to your specific needs. Our goal? To help you accelerate the growth of your business through innovation and technology.

Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) is a refundable tax credit based on eligible Ontario labour expenditures and eligible marketing and distribution expenses claimed by a qualifying corporation with respect to interactive digital media products.

Rural Economic Development program

Get money to improve your rural community’s economy.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about the various hiring incentives: (905-648-2139 x 4224, or email us at

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