Redeemer by the Numbers:

  • Redeemer students love their Education: 93% of Redeemer respondents said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their decision to attend Redeemer.
  • Almost 100% of Redeemer Co-op students find full-time employment within a month of graduation. In fact, more than 80% are hired by a co-op employer.
  • Redeemer students are positive and involved in their community: Campus Ranking puts our student in the top five for “Most Involved Students” and they are ranked # 1 for “Happiest students.” (Source: Huffington Post:

Our Students

Redeemer students distinguish themselves in so many ways. Our students choose Redeemer because they can earn a degree they can believe in. And with initiatives like CORE, they are prepared for more than a job.  View our students at work.

Students can earn a B.A., a B.B.A, a B.Ed, a B.Kin, or a B.Sc. degree representing a diverse range of disciplines.  Follow the link to learn more about these degree program areas.

As an employer, you may already know which student group you want to consider:

  • Experienced alumni
  • Graduating students
  • Business, Kinesiology, or Urban and Intercultural Ministry Co-operative Education students
  • Internship students from more fourteen programs
  • Part time, Summer, or Volunteer and Community-service students

Hire Redeemer

We want to make it easy and effective for you to find the talent you need. There are a variety of ways to promote your roles to our community of students and alumni. We also have a very simple job posting portal called Hire Redeemer for employers to advertise hiring opportunities.  Whether it’s a volunteer role or a full-time career possibility, job postings will be seen by current students and alumni. For more guidance download our Guide to Hire Redeemer for employers here.

It is important to present your opportunity to the right candidates.  We offer several options to our employers to get their story revealed to Redeemer students.

Posting Online

If you don’t have an account, you can create one and submit the job posting at the same time by going to Hire Redeemer.

If you already have an existing account, simply go to Hire Redeemer and sign-in.

If you need more guidance on this process, please contact us at: or by calling 905-649-2139 x 4224.

Bulletin board

Employers can also provide the Career Centre with a poster or flyer advertising their job which we can display on our physical job board located in the Redeemer Commons area.

Access to presentation spaces and job fairs

Employers are regularly invited to attend any of the career specific job fairs held both on and off campus through out the year. Do you want to come here and showcase your company or organization?  We’ll offer the best venue and help you to bring your message to the students. Employers regularly book a table in the Founders Hall commons in order to attract talent from the current student body.

For more information on participating through any of these channels, please contact us at: or by calling 905-649-2139 x 4224.

Your Preferences

Tell us how you want to discover the amazing talent at Redeemer.  If you are posting jobs on our internal job board, Hire Redeemer, you can have students to connect directly with you or you can have application sent to and have our Career Centre collect all the application responses and provide them to you.

If you wish for a different approach, then talk to us.  We are enthusiastic about supporting you. Contact us and tell us your story.