Looking for career resources? Visit the Career Resources page.

Career Advising

The CELC offers opportunities to meet one-on-one with a Career Advisor to discuss a variety of career-related questions. To set up a meeting with an advisor, please contact celc@redeemer.ca or drop in at the centre and book in person.

Vocational Interest Testing

Career planning starts with gaining an understanding of your interests, skills, and abilities.
Redeemer students have the opportunity to participate in two different vocational interest surveys – The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey and CliftonStrengths Assessment. Students can request to complete the surveys and they are encouraged to meet with a Career Advisor to discuss the testing results.

Discover Your Vocation

John Kreuger, former Redeemer Career Director, created a wonderful book entitled, “Discover Your Vocation.” It is available in the library under Career Resources. If you are struggling with direction, calling, vocation, or career decisions please come and meet with a Career Advisor to discuss ways to help you move forward and gain both practical and faith-based guidance for your own career development journey.

What can I do with my degree?

Redeemer has a rich community of supporters and alumni that we would be happy to connect you with in regard to exploring some of the many careers your degree can offer you. Meeting with a Career Advisor can assist you in making connections and realizing the many doors a Redeemer Bachelor’s degree will open for you.

Graduate School Assistance

We offer several options to assist students interested in graduate school. We help with application review and essays, as well as helping draft and edit personal statements and creating a C.V.

Hire Redeemer

Browse our extensive list of full time and part time, co-op, internship, summer, on campus and volunteer positions to find employment opportunities that align with your academic and/or career goals. Hire Redeemer’s job board is open to all current students and alumni.