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Mac workstations loaded with a cutting-edge suite of creative tools
prosumer Sony cameras for the production of captivating video and photo assets
3D printers for rapid prototyping or creating a student’s next big idea
audio/podcast studio to record and share music, stories and sound effects
articulated robot that can be programmed for process control and task completion

Recognizing the need to prepare students to become innovative, collaborative, critical-thinking problem solvers who are enabled to use their skills and gifts to serve the people of God’s Kingdom, the Innovation Centre was created for the purpose of inspiring and infusing a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship across all programs and pathways at Redeemer University. The Innovation Centre functions as the hub of applied creativity, providing students and faculty opportunities to explore ideas, experiment with concepts and execute on plans to bring them to reality on and off campus.

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the Centre’s two themes
design thinking
A process and methodology for problem solving that is key to real innovation.
Design thinking involves reasoning with empathy to define the problem, ideate solutions and rapid prototyping for testing and refining. The employment of this process and methodology inspires the creation of solutions that can impact the people in a market or community.
Redemptive Entrepreneurship
Innovation without entrepreneurship is incomplete.
It is one thing to develop a new idea but if no one can realize the benefits a solution promises, what is its value? The building of the structures, platforms and/or vehicles to bring an innovation into the real world requires the skills of entrepreneurship.
Innovation centre
Programs & services
The Innovation Centre lives/works out its purpose through supporting participants with programs and services that support their development as innovative, collaborative, problem-solving critical thinkers.
Access to a Makerspace
The centrepiece of the Innovation Centre is the Makerspace. A space, located on the Lower Level of the Charis Live and Learn Centre, for students to explore their creativity and experiment with innovative concepts using a wide range of specialized, high-tech equipment.
Student-Led Agencies
Innovation/Entrepreneurship Coaching
No act of human creativity is ever done in isolation. To develop a new innovation and its corresponding entrepreneurial venture requires collaboration with others to clarify and order one's thinking.
Special Events, training and education
The Innovation Centre provides students opportunities to augment their learning from within their programs with applied skills developed through experiential learning in special events and specialized training sessions.
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The Innovation Centre will help prepare students to be innovative, collaborative, problem-solving critical thinkers, enabling them to follow their callings into the future, ready to fill the opportunities of the marketplace and meet the needs of an ever-changing society.

Partnerships & Affiliations

Understanding that no act of human creation is ever done in isolation, the Innovation Centre is pleased to be able to partner with:

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Innovation Centre

Introducing The Studio

An initiative of the Innovation Centre, The Studio is a for-profit student video production company offering affordable and professional services.

Redeemer University Hosts Grand Opening for Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre empowers students to think, try, and launch their own entrepreneurial ideas, offering a makerspace, mentoring, hands-on learning opportunities and...

Innovation Centre to Spur Design Thinking

The new centre and makerspace will launch in time for the fall term with the tagline Think. Try. Launch.

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