Tutoring is available free to all Redeemer students! Our tutoring services can help you better understand course content as well as help you develop skills used in all courses.

What will tutors help me with?

  • Developing effective learning and thinking skills
  • Managing your time better by working more efficiently
  • Analyzing and understanding your assignment
  • Preparing for tests and exams
  • Suggesting strategies for studying, which include developing your understanding of course content, remembering it and recalling it for tests and assignments

Our tutors will:

  • Explain and model effective learning techniques
  • Direct you to resources and services that may benefit you
  • Help you identify patterns of error in your thinking or work and then offer techniques for catching those patterns
  • Review graded assignments to help you better understand how you can achieve better results
  • Give feedback on methods and approaches you are using

Our tutors will not:

  • Proofread or suggest wording
  • Evaluate an instructor’s methodology or assignment
  • Speculate on the grade you might receive for an assignment you are handing in
  • Do your work for you or provide you with ideas for your work, as this would violate academic integrity

What kind of tutoring do you offer?

Subject Tutoring

Subject tutoring is available to students in all subject areas. Subject tutors are meant to help you with course material, answer questions, and give guidance on assignments. Subject tutors can also help you develop learning skills specifically related to the type of course you are taking.

Writing Tutoring

Trained writing tutors are available for one-to-one instruction on each step of the writing process. Here are a few examples of the ways a writing tutor might help you: understanding the assignment, organizing ideas, outlining and drafting papers, doing revision, answering grammar questions, and explaining how to do documentation and formatting. Writing tutors help you learn how to recognize problems particular to you and how to fix them.

How do I book an appointment with a tutor?

Current students can book an appointment exclusively through Redeemer’s online tutoring scheduling software via the Tutoring page on the Redeemer App.

How do I become a tutor?

Learning Services hires Redeemer students to be tutors at the beginning of each academic year. The requirements for application vary for each type of tutor but include good academic standing, demonstration of working well with others, and a helping spirit. Current Redeemer students can visit the Tutoring Job Descriptions and Hiring Information page for more information and for applications.