The Art program at Redeemer aims to provide students in years one and two with strong technical and conceptual skills in drawing, painting and design. In third and fourth year, the approach broadens to allow a multi-disciplinary focus on contemporary art making including computer-based design. The curriculum of the Art Major is designed with primary emphases on art-making, art theory, and art history in order for students to learn conceptual bases for the practice of art in historical and contemporary contexts. The Art Major offers a balance of instructional disciplines that provide a well-rounded education for our graduates. The goal is to provide specialized studio and academic training for a broad variety of careers or further graduate study.

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Within studio courses, we try to establish as early as possible a strong conceptual basis for visual design and problem solving, building into visual problems the illustrative use of researched themes, reference photography and the refined development of handling metaphor. This is based on the belief that conceptually driven work produces better motivation for technique in the end, a far stronger connection to abstract and religious thought, and in the context of Redeemer’s worldview, a shorter distance to being able to communicate a Christian view of reality beyond contemporary artistic concerns with materials and technique only. In this, we are gradually helping students to acquire an understanding of their individual gifting in God-given visual thinking and visual language, seeing the connection between ideas, language, style and the role that an artist plays within both spiritual and cultural communities.

Our curricula provide opportunities for study in studio art, graphic design and art education with allied course offerings in art history and criticism. In addition, we offer minors in Art Studio and Art History for students in other disciplines who wish to supplement their majors.