New Faculty Openings

The Provost/VPA is called to advance the overall educational task of the university (where “educational” is considered a combination of the curriculum and the co-curriculum).

The Provost/VPA has primary responsibility for recruiting and leading the faculty, and for visioning, planning, administering and evaluating the educational programs of the university such that they are faithful to the mission of the university.

The Provost/VPA oversees the frequent and seamless collaboration between the academic division and the student services division to allow a richer whole-life educational experience for the students.

Specifically, the Provost/VPA, along with other members of the academic leadership:

  • Promotes the Biblical, Reformed character and vision of the university, and assists the President in developing and implementing a dynamic vision of the university’s educational mission,
  • Provides direction in planning, administration and evaluation of all academic programs,
  • Takes responsibility for the quality of all academic programs (degree programs, off-campus programs, continuing education, cooperative education programs and additional qualification programs),
  • Oversees the recruitment, professional development, evaluation, promotion and compensation of the faculty,
  • Creates an environment which ensures that faculty members are encouraged and supported in their teaching and learning, and research and scholarship,
  • Is responsible for ensuring that academic standards are maintained,
  • Oversees the annual academic budget-making process,
  • Is responsible for the implementation of the scholarship and bursary program for students, and
  • Strengthens and supports student success through oversight of academic and learning services, student advising programs, policies that pertain to student development and success and encouragement of co-curricular goals and participation of students in activities of the co-curriculum, and

The Provost/VPA is an ex-officio member and Vice-Chair of Senate. The Provost/VPA chairs the Academic Affairs Committee and serves on the Executive Council and President’s Council.

Reporting to the Provost/VPA are:

  • The Associate Vice President and dean, Academic
  • The Dean of Business
  • The Dean of Education
  • The Associate dean of Humanities
  • The Associate dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • The Associate dean of Social Sciences
  • The Library Director
  • The Registrar
  • The Directors in the Office of Faculty Development (Research, Teaching and Learning and Mentoring and the Al Wolters Centre for Christian Scholarship)
  • The Director of the Career Centre
  • The Director of the Innovation Centre
  • The Academic Development Manager
  • The Director of Act Five