Executive Summary of Review of the Business Program

The Business Department was reviewed in Fall 2015 by two external reviewers and one internal reviewer from another discipline. In addition to reviewing the self‐study, related documents, and the results of an email survey of students and alumni, the committee conducted an onsite visit which included meeting with full-time faculty and various members of Redeemer’s administration.

fIn its report, the external review committee concluded that the Business Department offers an impressive range of courses; the Department regularly updates its curriculum; the Department has an attractive program with small class sizes; the Coop program is a strength of the Department; the students are very positive about the Business program; and the faculty use a good variety of pedagogical approaches.

The report made recommendations for ways to improve the profile of the Department. The report noted the ongoing challenge of recruiting faculty in the program. The report also had some recommendations for reconfiguring some of the program streams in the Department, such as replacing the Small Business Minor with a Non‐Profit and Social Enterprise Management concentration.