Executive Summary of the Kinesiology/Physical Education Department Review (Fall 2013)

The purpose of the Executive Summary is to present the wider community with a report of the review of academic programs at Redeemer. Once approved by Senate, the implementation of recommendations will take place, as appropriate, under the direction of the Vice‐President Academic and Provost, the Dean of the division, and Department Chair. The implementation of recommendations with wider institutional implications or needing budgetary approval may require further discussion before being acted on.

After completing an extensive Self‐Study Report, the department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KIN‐PE) was reviewed by a committee consisting of two external members and one internal member not associated with the department. The information presented to the review committee not only included the Self‐Study, but also Program Learning Outcomes, course syllabi, enrolment figures, data from student and alumni surveys, report of library resources, and other relevant materials.

The report from the review committee praised the faculty in KIN‐PE for their creative, diligent, and student‐focused approach to teaching in Kinesiology, Physical Education, and Recreation. The department has achieved significant success in student satisfaction by delivering Program Learning Outcomes with relatively few resources of space, funding, and personnel. Personal faculty‐student advising is a particular asset in the department.

In order to build on these strengths, the reviewers made recommendations regarding space and equipment, faculty development, and program design and course offerings. The recommendations highlight the special requirements of Kinesiology and Physical Education as applied programs, such that the educational experience of KIN‐PE students at Redeemer prepares them for professional certification and for careers in education, ministry, and sports leadership. The recommendations the KIN‐PE department will seek to implement over the next seven years can be summarized as follows:

1. Space, Equipment, and Experiential Learning

The department was commended for making creative use of limited space and modest budget for equipment; the review encourages the department to seek further ways of providing students with field learning and experience in the Athletics and Dome facilities at Redeemer. The department agrees with the recommendation to obtain dedicated lab space for teaching and for student and faculty research. The department is working with Redeemer’s Advancement Department to identify capital projects and funding opportunities for equipment, and will focus on increasing the department’s annual budget for equipment.

2. Faculty Development

Because the department’s most valuable asset is its faculty, the review committee encourages the KIN‐PE faculty to be intention in supporting one another. The committee also recommends that full‐time faculty in the department continue to further their education and professional development. The review recommends the appointment of a Lab Technician and an additional faculty position. Budget permitting, the department will seek to open a new position to develop the KIN programs.

3. Program Design and Course Offerings

Among the many specific recommendations, the review committee recommends that the KIN and PE Honours Programs be more clearly differentiated, the fundamentals courses be re‐grouped by movement types, and additional Kinesiology courses be developed. The review also recommends that the Recreation major, as it currently exists, be discontinued. The department accepts many of the recommendations regarding program and offerings, and it will implement changes as faculty course load, expertise, funding, and course rotations allow. The goal is to provide education in KIN‐PE that prepares Redeemer’s graduates well for professional certification and careers in Kinesiology and Physical Education.