Executive Summary of the Music Program Review (Fall 2019)

As part of the institutional quality assurance process, the Music Department completed a Self-Study of the Music program in Fall 2018. A review team comprised of two external and one internal reviewer performed a site visit on March 8, 2019, meeting with students, faculty, and relevant support staff and senior administration. The team subsequently submitted an External Reviewers’ Report for the department’s consideration.

The review team praised the Music department for offering a program that is cohesive, solid, and credible in the world of higher education. The program weaves the themes of a Reformed Christian worldview in such a way that students catch Redeemer’s vision. The program is led and taught by exceptionally well-qualified, experienced, and professionally-known and respected full-time and part-time teachers, who are enthusiastically appreciated by the students. A stellar array of world-renowned and award-winning lesson instructors provide students with an enviable opportunity to develop God-given talents into serviceable skills. The reviewers’ recommendations highlight opportunities to enhance program offerings, to maximize available space, and to promote the Music department in the institution and in the community.