Executive Summary for the Review of the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department was reviewed in June 2016 by two external reviewers as well as one internal faculty member from another department. The review is based on surveys of students and alumni, a report from the department, as well as discussions with faculty, students and administration addressing specific questions in the institutional quality assurance process, which include: objectives of the department program‐level outcomes; course‐level learning outcomes; design and delivery of all materials; curriculum depth and breadth for students; methods of assessing student performance; level of achievement of our students (four year, and those whose aim is graduate studies). Further assessments were made in areas of academic support services (library and IT support), physical resources and the faculty complement (full-time and part‐time).

The external report is a very positive one. The report states “Redeemer University College Philosophy program is healthy and vigorous”. The committee was impressed at how well the department is living up to its missions to “allow the Christian faith and the tradition to come to full fruition in philosophy”. The committee finds the Philosophy major and minor programs are well‐constructed, properly maintained, and carefully crafted. Courses have been designed in such a way as to ensure the integrity of the programs via the depth and breadth they entail. Reviewers were impressed by the ability to attract students to major in Philosophy, to sustain a high percentage of students to continue their studies after graduation.