Redeemer’s Emerging Public Intellectual Award is a$5,000 (CAD) award intended to recognize and foster emerging talent in the Christian academy. Nominations are open for our next recipient!

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The Redeemer Centre for Christian Scholarship

The Redeemer Centre for Christian Scholarship (CCS) builds outstanding Christian research and thought and connects it to the questions our neighbours are asking. It is unapologetically academic in method, deeply Christian in outlook, and firmly rooted in faith in our common life.

The Centre does this in three ways:

Research for the common good

Lectures on Christian cultural engagement

The Emerging Public Intellectual Award


1. Research for the common good: supporting research that holds important public impact.

KuyperpicThe Centre funds and promotes research from root to branch: from foundational translations like our partnership with the Kuyper Translation Project (learn more about Redeemer’s involvement), to our translation and promotion of Reformed philosophy and theology through our Dooyeweerd Fellow and our research on faith and science through our Pascal Fellow. The public impact of this work is also seen through our Zylstra Program for Public Scholarship, which enables Redeemer faculty to build original research that serves the common good.


2. Lectures on Christian cultural engagement: inviting distinguished thinkers and speakers to Redeemer’s campus.

During the fall and winter semesters, the Centre for Christian Scholarship hosts a series of free public lectures. Ranging in topics from environmentalism in the city to watching movies well to the power of spiritual habit, the focus of these lectures is how Christians can engage with culture in faithful and transformative ways.

Read more about our annual Fall Conference and the World and Our Calling Lectures.


3. The Emerging Public Intellectual Award: encouraging excellence in Christian scholarship.

This prestigious award is sponsored in part by Cardus, the Acton Institute, the Center for Public Justice, the Henry Institute, and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). The annual award is intended to promote and encourage emerging academics working at Christian colleges and universities, who speak out of their Christian perspective to make substantive, credible contributions to big public questions.

This year, the CCS Awards Committee selected Dr. Matthew Milliner, associate professor of art at Wheaton College. Learn more.