Founded in 1988, The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science promotes constructive relations between Christian faith and the natural sciences by means of education, outreach, and research in the light of Scripture. In seeking to provide Christian leadership in a secular culture, the Pascal Centre addresses not only current, but also new and forgotten questions.

The Pascal Fellow attached to the Centre is Dr. Jitse M. van der Meer.

jitse van der meer pascal centre

As van der Meer writes, “For many, the question of how science can help to understand the Bible has high priority, but the Centre also explores how Christian faith can contribute to an understanding of nature. The Centre approaches this question not just in the sense that faith motivates the study of God’s creation, but it explores how religious beliefs affect the very content of scientific explanation.”

The research conducted through the Pascal Centre seeks to correct the record of faith and science relations, to separate real from imagined conflict, and to reveal how faith and science have enhanced each other. Work has been published in both peer-reviewed and popular journals and in books, such as the Facets of Faith and Science series.

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