The World and Our Calling Lectures

The World and Our Calling Lectures series explores different facets of the Christian calling to be engaged with our culture. These lectures are intended to enable students and guests to know better and to relish the beauty of the cultural world, as it can be understood in relation to the redemptive presence of Jesus Christ.

The World and Our Calling Lectures are held annually on Redeemer’s campus. In 2018, Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson will deliver the lecture on April 4. You can view the schedule here.

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Past Speakers

2017: Dr. Matthew Milliner

Chapel Address: There is One Spirit

Evening Lecture: Culture Breaking: The Image of God in an Image-Driven Age


2015: Dr. Reginald W. Bibby

Chapel Address:  Challenge, Opportunity, Responsibility, and Creativity for Christians in Canada Today.

Evening  Lecture:  The Future of Religion in Canada: What’s Needed from Christian Leaders


2014: Andy Crouch

Chapel Address:  Becoming Culture Makers

Evening Lecture:  Redeeming the Gift of Power


2013: Dr. Deborah Bowen (ARCU Lecturer)

Chapel Address:  “Redemption through Reading”: Why Bother with the Liberal Arts and Sciences?

Evening Lecture:  “Seeing Beyond the Scenery”: Dwelling in the World by Metaphor


2012: Dr. Peter J. Leithart

Chapel Address:  And He Gave Thanks

Evening Lecture:  Monsters of Ingratitude


2011: Dr. Steven Garber

Chapel Address:  Maturing in Christ to Bless His World

Evening  Lecture:  Is It Possible to Know the World, and Still Love the World?


2010: Dr. James R. Payton, Jr. (ARIHE Lecturer)

Chapel Address:  Calvin’s Motto

Evening Lecture:  Calvin: Champion of Piety


2008: Dr. Marva J. Dawn

Chapel Address:  COSMOS: The Nature of Our Gods

Evening Lecture:  VOCATIO:  True Worship Every Second


2007: Dr. James K. A. Smith

Chapel Address:  Desiring the Kingdom:  We Are What We Love

Evening Lecture:  A Christian University is for Lovers: Revisioning Christian Education