Dr. Darren Brouwer, one of this year’s Zylstra Grant winners, offers research opportunities to students investigating contamination in local water sources. 

The Zylstra Program for Public Scholarship

The Zylstra Program is named for Bernard Zylstra (1934-1986), who was a professor of politics at the Institute for Christian Studies and whose influence on the development of Christian perspectives and practice of politics has been widely influential in Canada, America, the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

The goals of the Zylstra Program are both to fund original scholarship that is directly related to issues of major public concern and to extend the reach and connect the ideas of Redeemer’s faculty into the public sphere.

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Information for faculty

The Zylstra program annually offers grants for Redeemer faculty for up to $25,000. The CCS Awards Committee adjudicates all applications. 

Successful grant applications must reflect the goals of the Zylstra program: firstly, by proposing original scholarship related to issues of public concern, and secondly, by proposing plans to gain a public platform from which to share these ideas. This can include the obvious forums, like newspapers, talk shows, committee hearings, and public lectures, as well as the subtle but important work of influencing the next generation of culture makers. The program is currently on hiatus, but will return in the future, when it will again be open to the widest variety of modes, mediums, and ideas.

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