Through the work of the Research Office, Redeemer supports faculty in their pursuit of research funding, which is an important part of a successful research program. Redeemer awards a variety of internal grants to support faculty research and encourages the pursuit of federal research funding through the Tri-Agencies (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR). The Research Office also supports other avenues of external funding for faculty.

Faculty members will find application forms, policies, and other information on Redeemer’s internal Portal. For all other questions, please contact the Research Office.

For Students

As a student of Redeemer, you may have the opportunity to engage in research in a particular class or with a faculty member. The Research Office serves students in two ways: by facilitating summer research assistant jobs through the Undergraduate Student Research Award program and by providing information to students about the Canada Graduate Scholarship:

The Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) program

This NSERC-sponsored program allows students interested in the natural sciences and engineering to work alongside a faculty member during the summer months on their research projects, while earning a competitive wage. Each year, Redeemer receives a quota of how many students we can include in this prestigious program. Learn more about the USRA program.

Applications are typically due in January, and applicants are informed of the committee’s decision mid-February. Student award holders receive between $8,400 and $9,000 in salary for a 16-week period, depending on their experience and year of study. If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Research Office.

The Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS)

This prestigious award is valued at $17, 500. Find out if your prospective graduate school is eligible. Students interested in applying must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident,
  • Intend to pursue full-time graduate studies and research at an eligible Canadian institution,
  • Have a first-class average (as determined by the host institution) in the last two years of FT study, and
  • Submit a maximum of one application per year.

Applications are due December 1, and must be submitted through the CGS portal. The application usually becomes available near the end of September. Contact the Research Office for more details.

For other graduate scholarships, please visit Redeemer’s Financial Aid website, or the Financial Aid websites at your prospective graduate schools.

Research Support Fund

The Research Support Fund assists Canadian post-secondary institutions with the indirect costs of conducting research. This program helps enable researchers at Redeemer and across Canada to make cutting-edge discoveries and to achieve scholarly excellence.

Definition of the indirect costs of research

The indirect costs (i.e. overhead) of research are the hidden costs of conducting scholarly research, such as property maintenance, the provision and maintenance of space and equipment, insurance, utilities, library services, financial services, administrative support and staff services not charged directly to a funded project.

Description of the Research Support Fund

The Research Support Fund, formerly the Indirect Costs Program (ICP), is a government program that grants a sum of money to an institution based on a percentage of all Tri-Council (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) research grants awarded to that institution. There are five categories for which institutions are allowed to use the funds concerning the indirect costs of research:

  • Research facilities
  • Research resources
  • Management and administrations of an institution’s research enterprise
  • Regulatory requirements and accreditation
  • Intellectual property

Within these categories are specific eligible and ineligible expenditures so that institutions have a clear idea of how to spend the funds the most efficiently. Learn more.

Overview of the Research Support Fund at Redeemer

General Impacts: The RSF has a significant economic impact at Redeemer University and the surrounding community. It supports local employment and the purchase of goods and services. The RSF helps Redeemer to provide faculty with the support infrastructure they need in order to efficiently produce successful research.

Specific Impacts: The RSF continues to open opportunities for Redeemer to expand the resources and services that researchers need for success. One of the largest benefits that Redeemer experiences as a result of RSF funding is an aid in the maintenance of its Research Office. The Research Office oversees the many administrative tasks that accompany applying for grants and conducting research. It also follows a mandate to provide workshops and resources that encourage faculty members in their research goals.

During the 2021-2022 fiscal year, Redeemer University was awarded $47,685.00 under the Research Support Fund. Funds were directed toward administrative salaries and purchasing software.

RSF Award History:

Fiscal Year RSF Amount Activity
2021-2022 $47,685 administrative salaries, research administration software, and lab maintenance
2020-2021 $46,903 administrative salaries, and lab equipment upgrades
2019-2020 $34,903 administrative salaries, and lab maintenance
2018-2019 $32,551 administrative salaries, and lab maintenance
2017-2018 $30,667 administrative salaries, and lab maintenance
2016-2017 $44,000 administrative salaries, and lab maintenance