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Albert M. Wolters Centre
for Christian Scholarship

The Albert M. Wolters Centre for Christian Scholarship honours the work and legacy of Redeemer’s founding generation in the person of Dr. Al Wolters. It profiles and platforms outstanding Reformed Christian research and thought through the work of our Faculty Fellows, facilitating on-campus Lectures, and partnering to host the Emerging Public Intellectual Award.

Centre’s Initiatives
Supporting research that holds important public impact.
The Centre funds and promotes research from root to branch: from foundational translations like our partnership with the Kuyper Translation Project to our translation and promotion of Reformed philosophy and theology through our Dooyeweerd Archive and our research on faith and science through our Pascal Archive.
Christian cultural engagement talks by distinguished thinkers and speakers.
During the fall and winter semesters, AWC Faculty Fellows host a series of free public lectures. Ranging in topics from environmentalism in the city to watching movies well to the power of spiritual habit, the focus of these lectures is how, rooted in the Reformed tradition, Christians can engage with culture in faithful and transformative ways.
EPI Award
Encouraging excellence in Christian scholarship.
The annual Emerging Public Intellectual Award is intended to promote and encourage emerging academics working at Christian colleges and universities, who speak out of their Christian perspective to make substantive, credible contributions to big public questions.
Faculty Fellows
The Albert M. Wolters Faculty Fellows are responsible to lead mentoring clusters of new and interested faculty within their cluster area and facilitate an annual event that brings experts in the Reformed tradition to Redeemer.
Fellow in the Arts and Humanities
Dr. Jonathan Juilfs
Fellow in the Social Sciences
Dr. Vahagn Asatyran
Fellow in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen
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The Centre's Namesake
Who is Albert M. Wolters
Albert M. Wolters represents not only an important and founding member of Redeemer, but also a key figure in Reformed Christian scholarship around the globe. Much of his renown resulted after the publishing of his book Creation Regained, which clearly and succinctly explains the Reformed Christian worldview and has been in print for 37 years and has been translated into 12 languages.

Through the work of the Centre, Redeemer can encourage, support, collaborate with and equip faculty members, and the university community more broadly, to dive deep into our Reformed worldview by inviting speakers, highlighting resources, and supporting and stewarding ongoing work mining the depths and applying the insights of the Reformed tradition.

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The Albert M. Wolters Centre for Christian Scholarship
Dr. Jessica Joustra
Director of the Albert M. Wolters Centre for Christian Scholarship
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Research Officer
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