The Albert M. Wolters Centre hosts three faculty fellows to serve as experts and guides in furthering and applying the Reformed Christian worldview in their disciplines. Our Fellows guide faculty and students in extending the Reformed tradition in their areas of expertise, through developing their own research, mentoring clusters of new and interested faculty in their areas, and facilitating the annual Wolters Lectures that bring experts in the Reformed tradition to Redeemer.

Fellow in the Arts and Humanities

Dr. Jonathan Juilfs serves as the Fellow in the Arts and Humanities. Juilfs, who has served as Associate Professor of English at Redeemer since 2011, specializes in the history of literacy and linguistics. A graduate of the University of Puget Sound, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Notre Dame, Juilfs is interested in exploring Christian literacy and learning in the digital age, and the ways that a reformational framework can be used to encourage ‘biliteracy,’ defined by cognitive neuroscientist Maryanne Wolf as the ability to engage both in deep reading of “traditional” print or paper materials, and the digital reading of online text. Over the next three years, Juilfs’ fellowship program at Redeemer will examine “Christian Literacy and Learning in a Digital Age.”

Fellow in the Social Sciences

Dr. Russell Kosits serves as the Fellow in the Social Sciences. Kosits joined Redeemer’s faculty in 2006, after receiving degrees at Old Dominion University, Geneva College, and the University of New Hampshire. Earning the title of Professor of Psychology in 2018,  Kosits specializes in the history of psychology, and worked to develop “Reformed and Reformational” perspectives in many of his psychology classes, as well as a unique course based upon his dissertation research and subsequent investigations entitled “Will and Willpower.” Over the next three years, Kosits plans to explore a program of “Reformed and Reformational Approaches to Teaching and Scholarship in the Social Sciences,” which includes, in addition to his mentoring work, a contribution to the upcoming IVP volume Psychology & Christianity, the publication and refinement of the personality theory he has been developing and teaching over the last decade (beginning with the upcoming Dordt College Press volume Academy Regained) and adapting his history of psychology course and recent presidential address for the Society for the History of Psychology (Division 26 of the American Psychological Association) into an innovative new monograph on the history of North American academic psychology, one that will aim to inspire Christians to see their participation in psychology as part of a centuries-long tradition, and inspire secular psychology to become a more welcoming, worldview-plural space.

Fellow in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen is the Fellow in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Redeemer University. Vander Meulen is Professor of Mathematics, having held a faculty position at Redeemer since 1994. A graduate of Calvin College and Queen’s University, Vander Meulen specializes in linear algebra and has dabbled in the philosophy of mathematics and has been a board member of the Association for Christians in the Mathematical Sciences since 2017. Vander Meulen intends to develop a mentoring cluster for new faculty that explores scholarship in the particular Christian tradition that gave birth to Redeemer, including both historical and contemporary authors.