Wolters Centre Lectures Series

The Albert M. Wolters Lectures take place three times a year, and provide an opportunity for each faculty fellow to host a scholar of their choice to visit, lecture, and discuss their work on campus. These free public lectures highlight speakers who are suited to speak to a broad community audience, and who also have expertise in applying the Reformed scholarly tradition to their subject area. Annual lectures are rooted in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences, respectively.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Lecture

At 7:30pm on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, the Wolters Centre will be hosting Dr. Derek Schuurman, Professor of Computer Science at Calvin University. Dr. Schuurman will be giving a lecture entitled “Bytes and Beliefs: Shaping the Technology that Shapes Us”. There is a growing awareness that technology nudges and shapes us, but how should faithful Christians navigate a digital world? This talk will sketch how bytes are informed by beliefs and how they can be understood with the context of the Biblical story and contrasted with how they are often understood within rival stories.