Successfully launch your career right after graduation by satisfying employers’ requirements for experience. Redeemer’s Co-operative Education Program provides you with 16 months of paid, relevant work experience. Connect course concepts to industry practices and increase your self-confidence. Gain a better sense of what you need to succeed in your career: lots of direction from your supervisor or space to try things on your own; working in a team or independently; or a formal or informal corporate culture. Build a network to help you find a job after you graduate, if you don’t end up with a job offer from your co-op employer!

First two years for all BBA students

Year 1BUS 121 – Introduction to Business
BUS 127 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECO 121 – Microeconomics
BUS 122 – Management Decisions
ECO 122 – Macroeconomics
MAT 112 – Math for Business
Year 2BUS 225 – Information Systems
BUS 236 – Finance I
BUS 255 – Marketing
BUS 204 – Managerial Accounting
BUS 241 – Organizational Behaviour
PSY 201 – Statistics

Final three years for BBA Co-op students

Year 3Courses on campus — from here on you are mostly specializing in your concentration1st work term begins1st work term continues
Year 4Courses on campusCourses on campus2nd work term continues
Year 52nd work term continuesCourses on campus