Can I apply for OSAP for Act Five?

No, unfortunately, this program is not eligible for OSAP. See below for financial aid options.

What are the options available for financial aid?

We are grateful to be able to offer financial assistance for those who are in need. Please see our Financial Aid form. Also, we encourage our applicants to consider fundraising for at least part of our Zambia service trip to help lower the cost — donations for this trip are tax-receiptable. Finally, you are able to access RESPs to help cover costs for Act Five.

How many students will be accepted into the Act Five program for 2020-2021?

We will have a cap of 24 students. This means you should complete your application by our January 15th deadline for maximum consideration.

Can I work part-time during Act Five?

We see these eight months as an intensive program where your free time as a community is just as important as your scheduled Act Five courses.

Can I defer acceptance to university and then attend Act Five?

Generally, the answer is no. If you have been accepted to a specific limited-enrolment university program that you hope to defer, please speak with us about this. Furthermore, we will support all Act Five students in re-applying for university or college during the program. Several universities or colleges are becoming interested in students from gap year programs, so you might even be helped in waiting to apply!

Are Act Five courses at a university level? Will they transfer after this year?

All courses are fully accredited, university-level Redeemer courses, designed specifically for Act Five. If you attend Redeemer University after completing Act Five, these courses will go toward your degree. If you choose to attend elsewhere, Redeemer will support you in working with your new institution to see if transfer credits are possible, though this depends on their own unique policies.

Wait… am I a Redeemer student then? Or not?

Act Five is a program of Redeemer, so you will be registered as a Redeemer student. This provides you access to the gym, library, chapel services and more at Redeemer during the year. It also means you have IT support and mental health services available to you.

At the same time, you are not enrolled into a degree program at Redeemer. During Act Five, you will be able to apply to Redeemer or to any institution of your choice!

Can I bring my car?

Yes, though you won’t need it very often. The group will often travel together by other means (we are even going to build our own bikes!)

I have a food allergy. Can I still be part of Act Five?

This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The program director will work with you to determine how you can navigate various food allergies and sensitivities. This may, at times, incur some extra costs on the part of the student.

With all this travel, will we be safe? Do we need to get extra insurance or anything like that?

We will take care of all of this with students when the time comes. Our outdoor trips and international trip are with great organizations who lead trips like these all the time. They provide us with insurance for these trips and work with us to prepare well.

How much free time will I have during the year?

We think your free time is really important, so you certainly will have regular free time, both during the week (some mornings, afternoons and most evenings) as well as on the weekends. We will plan on having everyone stick around for these times, except for a few extended breaks each term where we encourage students to head home (or to each other’s homes).

I’m an international student, can I apply to Act Five?

Unfortunately, no. Because Act Five does not offer a full-time academic course load, our program does not meet the requirements you would need to obtain a student visa.


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