COVID-19 Response FAQ

The Act Five team’s response is working under Redeemer University’s Framework for Re-opening. To read Redeemer’s Framework and related FAQ, please refer to their website.

Act Five Program FAQ

COVID-19 Response FAQ

How does Act Five plan to keep students and staff safe?

As a program of Redeemer University, Act Five is committed to following all public health guidelines with wisdom and diligence as well as Redeemer University’s main campus guidelines. All students, staff and program partners will be regularly screened. If an individual student or staff contracts Covid-19, protocols will be in place for keeping the individual and community safe, including having designated space within the Act Five home for individuals to self-isolate if needed.

How will COVID-19 impact the home (75 Blake St) and living together?

The Act Five home will operate as a single household for all students and Resident Leaders living in the home. This allows a great deal of freedom and security in our ability to run our program. Resident Leaders will be equipped to maintain rhythms of hand-washing and regular cleaning of high-contact areas among all students throughout the program.

The program’s enrollment will be capped to allow flexible spaces in the home as needed and to operate in smaller group sizes for all program activities outside of the home.

Hand sanitizer will be available in high traffic areas and near entrances.

The basement multi-purpose space in the home will function as a ‘public zone’ for all guests.

Will Act Five field placements still happen?

While field placements may look different in some scenarios, the answer is yes – they will still happen as a meaningful part of the Act Five program. For field placements, Act Five will follow the public health guidance of each partnering organization in deciding protocols that allow Act Five students to engage meaningfully, creatively and safely in placements over the academic year.

Will PPE be required?

Students and Resident Leaders, operating as a household, will not be required to wear PPE or maintain physical distancing together, but will be required to use some form of PPE and/or physically distance in various scenarios throughout the program, including but not limited to:

  • When guests visit the Act Five home (basement) for class activities or otherwise, following current public health recommendations.
  • Outtrips, whether for day trips or overnight trips, based on current public health recommendations.

Will visitors be allowed?

Staff, teachers and other program guests who do not live at 75 Blake St will be allowed within outdoor spaces and public zones within the home. Beyond this, and for friends and family of Act Five students, further expectations will be put in place based on public health recommendations and Redeemer policies come September 2021.

Are the service trips still happening?

Act Five fully intends to offer a 3-4 week cross-culture service trip in a way that meets the Act Five program’s goals. For the 2021/2022 year the trip will be in the winter term. Given current Covid-19 restrictions and unknowns, plans for these trips are TBD.

What about other travel? International travel to Pittsburgh? Wilderness trips with Coldwater Canada?

Act Five plans for all travel throughout the first term to be contained within Ontario; all opportunities for international or out-of-province travel will be concentrated during our second term. These opportunities will hinge on the continued progress of public health guidelines and the easing of restrictions in the upcoming months.

Coldwater Canada is in regular conversations with Act Five to create programs that allow full participation in all wilderness trips throughout the program. Considerations are being made that allow Coldwater Canada staff to lead trips effectively while social distancing as required by public health guidelines, and trip locations and group sizes are being chosen in a way that limits interactions with those outside the Act Five program as much as is necessary.

How can I fundraise for the service trips?

Students will be given time and support for fundraising throughout the fall. If students would like to pursue fundraising ahead of time, they are encouraged to receive pledges from those who can commit to supporting their service trips when more details are known.

Will COVID-19 impact the courses Act Five offers?

No, all 4 courses will be delivered to students in a healthy and safe manner. Course delivery will occur largely in various outdoor spaces and in the Act Five basement, which will be set up as a public space in line with all Redeemer University classroom guidelines.

Will Act Five students be able to visit their families?

Yes, however, Act Five encourages students to limit their visits home to the set times within the program schedule (the first break being Thanksgiving). Upon their return, students are required to complete a screening and self-monitor for symptoms.

If your family wishes to visit you, we encourage this to take place on the weekend and outside the Blake St. home. There are lots of places to explore in the neighbourhood!

What are the expectations for students who must attend events outside of the program (e.g. wedding, funeral)?

Students are encouraged to communicate any required visits away from the program and will be required to complete a screening and monitor for symptoms upon their return.

Act Five Program FAQ

Can I apply for OSAP for Act Five?

No, unfortunately, this program is not eligible for OSAP. There are other financial aid options available.

What financial aid options are available?

We are grateful to be able to offer financial assistance to those who are in need. Please reach out to us for more information. We also encourage our students to fundraise for most, if not all, of their cross-culture service trips, as donations for these trips are eligible for a tax receipt. Finally, you are able to access RESPs to help cover costs for Act Five.

How many students will be accepted into the Act Five program?

Act Five caps the program between 16-20 students.

Can I work part-time during Act Five?

Act Five is an intensive 7.5-month program; therefore, maintaining part-time work is not possible, nor do we believe it to be beneficial during this unique season.

Can I defer acceptance to university and then attend Act Five?

If you have been accepted to a specific limited-enrolment university program that you hope to defer, speak to us about the option of auditing Act Five courses. Furthermore, we will support all students in re-applying for university or college during the program. Several universities or colleges are interested in students coming from a program like Act Five, so you might even be helped in waiting to apply!

Are Act Five courses at a university level? Will they transfer after Act Five?

All courses are fully accredited, university-level courses, designed specifically for Act Five. If you attend Redeemer University after completing Act Five, these courses will go toward your degree. If you choose to attend elsewhere, Redeemer will support you in working with your new institution to see transfer credits where possible.

Wait… am I a Redeemer student then? Or not?

Act Five is a program of Redeemer, so you will be registered as a Redeemer student. This provides you access to the gym, library, chapel services and more at Redeemer during the year. It also means you have IT support and mental health services available to you.

At the same time, you are not enrolled in a degree program at Redeemer. During Act Five, you will be able to apply to Redeemer or to any institution of your choice!

Can I bring my car?

Yes, though you won’t need it very often. The group will often travel together by other means (we are even going to build our own bikes!)

How much free time do I have during the program?

There are regular times each day and week for free time, though these are all part of the Act Five experience and are not always for students to get together with friends and family from outside the program. Specific points of each week and certainly weekends are great times for connecting with friends and family (unless we are away on a trip).

I have a food allergy. Can I still be part of Act Five?

As much as we are able, Act Five will work with you to determine how best to navigate various food allergies and sensitivities, on a case-by-case basis.

With all this travel, will we be safe? Do we need to get extra insurance or anything like that?

We will take care of all of this with students when the time comes. Our outdoor trips and international trips are with great organizations who lead trips like these all the time. They provide us with insurance for these trips and work with us to prepare well.

I’m an international student, can I apply to Act Five?

Unfortunately, unless you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, the answer is no. Because Act Five does not offer a full-time academic course load, our program does not meet the requirements you would need to obtain a student visa.

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