You can pay your account through internet or telephone banking or online via Paypath. Also by debit, cheque, or cash.  We are unable to accept international debit cards.

Internet or Telephone Banking:

  • You can set up Redeemer University as a payee through Bill Payment on internet or telephone banking.  Your account number is ST followed by the 7 digit account holder number on the top right side of your statement (eg. ST0001234).  If your student ID number is 1234, then your account number for online banking is ST0001234.
  • The major banks as well as most credit unions are set up to receive payments for Redeemer.
  • If you prefer, you can also go into your bank and make a payment through the bank teller.
  • Please remember if you are paying via online banking after regular business-day hours, or on a weekend/holiday, your payment will be processed by the bank on the next business day. Redeemer will count this as the date of payment.
  • Important: Please allow 3 Business Days for processing. We  do not send email confirmation when payments are received. Please check your online statement to see the payment reflected on there. If you do not know how to check your statement, please read more here.


  • Please make sure that the transaction limit and the daily limit on your debit card is sufficient to cover the balance.  You can go to your bank and ask to get these limits temporarily increased before you make the payment.


  • Current and post-dated cheques should be made out to Redeemer University or Redeemer U.C.
  • The service charge for non-negotiable cheques is $20.
  • The U.S. exchange rate is adjusted regularly.  If you are planning to pay in U.S. funds, we will need to divide the term balance by the exchange rate to get the U.S. dollar equivalent.  Please check with the Business Office on the rate and calculation before making a payment

Credit Card Payments via PayPath (fees apply):

  • Login to your Student Self-Service page via
  • Select “Pay your fees with Credit Card”
  • Select “Make a Payment” in the menu options at the top
  • Click on the term that you would like to put a payment towards. You can select multiple terms
  • Enter the amount that you would like to pay in the box next to the terms
  • In the drop down menu next to “Method” choose “Credit Card via PayPath”. Then click Continue
  • Click “Continue to PayPath”. Agree to the terms
  • Enter your credit card details
  • Click “Submit Payment”. Click “Close”
  • Look for an email summary of your payment. Allow 1 Business Day for processing before payment will show on your account

*In Paypath you can also add your parents as authorized users that can log into your account and make payments on your behalf (or you can limit their actions to seeing your balance only)

  • From the home screen, click on “Authorized User” under “My Profile Setup”
  • Click “Add Authorized User”
  • Enter your authorized user’s email address
  • Check “Yes” or “No on the two prompts that limit the Authorized User’s visibility
  • Read the pop-up prompt and click “I agree” then press continue. You can also print the statement from this screen.
  • You will be directed back to the Authorized User Screen where the new user will appear. You can add multiple Authorized Users
  • The Authorized User will receive an email telling them that they have been added as a user
  • To delete an Authorized User, click on the settings button next to their name

International Student Payments

  • International students may make use of the services of FlyWire to pay their tuition. FlyWire calculates an exchange rate on international currency and transfers the Canadian dollar equivalent to Redeemer University on your behalf.

Learn more about FlyWire