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Preparing for your Appointment

At your appointment, you will meet with an academic advisor over the phone. At that point, your schedule will be established, and alternate options may be recommended. Sometimes there are scheduling conflicts or courses that you may not have considered which can change your plans. Academic advisors are there to help you finalize a package of courses that will suit your future goals.

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If you are transferring from another post-secondary institution, before booking your appointment, please plan to arrange for your final transcript to be sent from your institution, and other requested materials listed on your transfer letter issued alongside your admissions letter. These materials need to be received at least two weeks prior to your course registration in order for the course registration to take place.

What you need to know

By the time you graduate from Redeemer, you will have had completed 40 courses. Full-time students take 10 courses a year: 5 in the fall term (September-December) and 5 in the winter term (January-April).

This is a sample of what your first year at Redeemer could look like:

Redeemer has a Core curriculum — a set of 10 interdisciplinary courses that every student takes to engage you beyond the boundaries of your major area of study, teaching you to think broadly and innovatively. In your first year, you will take the first four of these ten courses, represented by the yellow hexagons. You get to choose what courses go into the other (grey) hexagons — these are the courses from your major, your minor, and if there’s room, your electives. This diagram is just an example. It is possible for you to have more than one major and one minor and sometimes, students choose to double major, or double minor, depending on your interests and the size of your program.

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What courses are recommended for my major/minor?

First-Year Course Offerings

Please note that course offerings are subject to change and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Returning students are given priority in some cases.  Some courses may be reserved for those students in majors/minors and will not be available to be taken as electives.

You have been admitted under the regulations and programs of the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar.  If the information on the website differs from the calendar, the published calendar is the correct authority. Up-to-date course offerings and availability are always available on Self Service course catalog 

What if I change my mind?

Don’t worry! You can visit an Academic Advisor at the beginning of each term to make course changes.

Please keep in mind that there are deadlines for changing courses, found on page 5 of the Academic Calendar

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What time are my classes?

Self Service course catalog  is where all students can access the most up-to-date list of all courses offered for the upcoming academic year. While not necessary to prepare for your course registration appointment, you may look up the specific times courses are taking place if that is of interest to you.

Self Service course catalog

What courses are recommended for..?

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