Tuition Reduction Student Q & A:

Q: Why is Redeemer reducing tuition and changing its tuition and fee structure? Can Redeemer afford this?

A: Redeemer, with generous donor funding support, is aiming to make Christian university education affordable for more students.

Even after significant debt reduction and minimal tuition increases, it’s been difficult for Redeemer to remain affordable. Without a proactive tuition and fee structure change, Redeemer students were facing an annual tuition cost of $20,000 in the next 5-6 years. The commitment to affordability also helps Redeemer remain competitive in Ontario’s changing higher education context. In early January, the Ontario government announced changes to tuition fees for public college and university students and some changes to the OSAP program. While Redeemer students are predicted to get similar amounts of OSAP loans and grants, Redeemer’s new structure is lowering tuition so that it is more in line with that of other schools.

A more comparable price to public universities will attract more students to Redeemer and higher enrolment will sustain a lower tuition rate. More students will also create opportunities for programs and facilities that will serve students even better. The goal is to double undergraduate enrolment to a total enrolment of over 1,200 students by 2023. The new rate of $9,800 will start in fall 2019. The new rate will remain frozen until the 2023-2024 academic year, at which point tuition increases will return to the industry standard of 2-3% per year from the base of $9,800 tuition.

Q: Is tuition the only thing that is changing?

A: No. Along with the general tuition reduction, a new scholarship and financial aid structure is being rolled out. Redeemer will continue to provide aid for the students that need it most and offer scholarships for high-achieving students. The Automatic Academic Scholarships have been lowered but taken with the general reduction, every domestic undergraduate student will save significantly in the new structure.

Housing and student fees are also being adjusted to accurately reflect costs as seen across higher education. There is a list available of courses for which a materials fee applies. For further details, please see the tuition chart and the overall costs chart.

Q: How much money am I saving?

A: This will vary for each student depending on their circumstances. Some students will save $7,000 or more while other students will save closer to $3,000. In the charts below, you can find several scenarios that demonstrate how these changes impact different types of students.

Q: Is the new tuition cost of $9,800 a flat rate fee?

A: No, Redeemer is moving to a per credit fee structure. Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, Canadian undergraduate tuition will be $326.66 per credit and $979.98 for a full three-credit course. Please see this helpful tuition chart for further information.

Q: Why do some students have to pay lab, studio and production fees?

A: For a long time, some costs were artificially lower in recognition of higher tuition. New course fees of up to $180 are in line with how fee structures work elsewhere and also recognize that some courses simply require more resources to sustain. For students in such courses, these fees ensure that the appropriate resources are available and kept relevant, helping students gain experiences that are crucial to their education. There is a list available of courses for which the fee applies.

Q. Will tuition go back up to $17,000 or more in 2023-2024?

A. No. After the fourth year of tuition at $9,800, the forecast shows tuition would continue to be competitive with publicly funded institutions. In other words, projected tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year would be an industry standard 2-3% increase over $9,800, or between $9,996 and $10,094.

Q: Why are international and Bachelor of Education students not eligible for the same tuition reduction?

A: Tuition for international students is significantly lower at Redeemer than at other Ontario universities, while Canadian students were paying far more than their peers at other those same schools. Redeemer is committed to supporting its international undergraduates by freezing their tuition at this year’s rate for the coming fall. International undergraduate students returning to Redeemer will also qualify for a special support bursary of $2,500, which will help them transition to the new tuition and fee structure. As a professional post-undergraduate program, tuition in the Bachelor of Education program is not being reduced. Redeemer will, however, freeze the program’s current tuition rate for the coming academic year.

Q: What costs have changed?

Q: How are scholarships impacted?

Redeemer is rolling out a new financial aid structure with changes to academic entrance scholarships. This chart reflects the new scholarship amounts for Canadian undergraduate students, with the base tuition of $9,800.

This chart reflects the new scholarship amounts for international undergraduate students, with the base tuition of $16,792.

Scholarship NameAmount Tuition cost to attend Redeemer
Academic Achievement$2,000$14,792
Board of Governors$1,000$15,792