Can’t decide what to study?

That’s okay! Redeemer is a great place to figure that out as you go. You have the freedom to explore your gifts and find your passion with a liberal arts degree. Even better, throughout your studies and core courses, you will discover how your faith integrates with your work and life by asking the question, what kind of _____ do I want to be?

Our students are travelling pathways that will find them careers as teachers, doctors, social workers, artists, entrepreneurs and so many others. Want to see a couple suggestions? See what programs align with your passions and interests:

I enjoy helping others

You love helping people. Whether that be through volunteer work with your church, helping out at the local soup kitchen, or just counselling your friends through tough situations, you always have other people’s best interest in mind.

Possible majors: Art, Education, Health Sciences, International Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology/Social Work, Youth Ministry

I love being outdoors

You love being outdoors and exploring creation. More than that, you want to keep the earth sustainable and make environmentally-conscious decisions. You’re the type of person who leads the Recycling Club or is a member of the Green Team.

Possible majors: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies

I am interested in world events

You are always keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in the world and you’re probably well-versed in historical dates, names of politicians, Canadian law, and important events. Maybe you’re interested in how past events affect the future or maybe you want to be part of the solution, bringing justice and peace into the world.

Possible majors: History, International Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology

I like designing and creating things

You’re creative, artistic, and like to think outside of the box. Whether you like to draw, sing, write, or act — you’ve got a talent worth sharing! You are always seeking new opportunities to develop your skill and get involved in the vibrant art culture both for enjoyment, but also, you see the value of art and culture in our world.

Possible majors: Art, Business, English, Media and Communication Studies, Music

I enjoy researching and experimenting

You love to dig deeper and see things for yourself. Your hands-on approach to learning means you don’t take anything for face value, you always want to ask “why.” From experiments in the lab to calculating mathematical problems, you’re not afraid of a challenge.

Possible majors: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental StudiesHealth Sciences, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Physical Education, Psychology

I am interested in how the body works

You want to learn more about what it means to be “fearfully and wonderfully made” and investigate further into how the body moves, heals, and reacts. Maybe you have a love of sports and well-being and want to learn more about how environmental, psychological and social factors impact human health.

Possible majors: Biology, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Physical Education, Psychology

I enjoy public speaking

What you say and how you say it is important. You’re not easily intimidated by crowds and love to talk and share with others. It’s important to you that you communicate clearly and precisely because you want to be understood.

Possible majors: Business, Education, English, Media and Communication Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion and Theology, Youth Ministry

I am interested in how people think

You’ve always wondered why people think and act the way they do and want to make a difference in the world. Because you are always the first person to help when someone is in need, you understand people on a deeper level and know that those you interact with feel comfortable around you.

Possible majors: Business, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology/Social Work