Fearless Faith

Heidi de Vries ’05 has known she wanted to be a lawyer since she was a young girl. She always loved a good debate and her family encouraged lively discussions and critical thinking around the...

By /August 29, 2022

Seeking the Peace of the City

As a young boy growing up in Hamilton, Aren Plante watched his dad wake up every day and head to city hall where he worked as a public servant in local government. Hoping one day to become a pastor,...

By /March 29, 2022

A Life of Art, Roots and Wonder

Elise Arsenault '19 wears many hats. Creative writer, musician and grad student are among the few that she sports daily. Born and raised in Oakville, she had a hunch after a weekend visiting campus...

By /March 29, 2022

Making Friends with Grey

Grief is Amber Kuipers’ persistent companion. When it comes to her children, the best way she can convey its magnitude is as a physical entity. “Once I began describing [grief] as a visual...

By /March 29, 2022

Doing the Math to Improve Medical Treatment

Dr. Moriah Pellowe ’14 has been using her mathematics expertise to impact the lives of individuals through model-informed drug development.  After completing her honours bachelor of...

By /March 15, 2022

Food: The Universal Language and Longing

Elizabeth VanVeen always finds herself thinking about one thing: the clear-cut and inescapable right to food. “While the factors that contribute to food insecurity are multi-faceted and complex,...

By /October 28, 2021

From the Ice to the Sales Floor

Lewis Tuininga has achieved the ultimate goal of many university graduates: he wakes up every day excited to go to work. Tuininga is a sales manager for the Canadian branch of Howies Hockey in...

By /October 28, 2021

Making Change through Legislation

In a time when gaining in-person work experience has been a challenge, recent honours international relations and psychology graduate Celina Oster is especially grateful for her in-person internship...

By /October 28, 2021
Alumni making an impact
Where are they now?
Wherever they go, whatever they do, Redeemer alumni are making a difference. Learn more about some of our alumni and their unique callings and careers.

Heidi Ellens de Vries ’05

Assistant City Solicitor,
City of Brantford

Kyle Vander Linden ’05

Project Manager, Credit Valley Conservation

Clarence Keesman ’98

Executive Director, The Refuge

Phoebe Mitton ’10

Policy Analyst, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

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