The Big Picture

At Redeemer, growth in Christ and education go hand-in-hand, fostering Christian leaders who make an impact in a rapidly changing world.

Re Campaign Update

All of Redeemer’s 2020 Strategic Plan initiatives have launched — and are making an impact.

Redeemer’s new Ministry program is preparing Christian leaders who will embed the good news in their communities – at home and abroad.

Expanding Health Sciences

In addition to the exciting initiatives of the 2020 plan, Redeemer expanded and renewed its health and life sciences labs and launched a Health Sciences Fellowship for high school students.

Redeemer's science degrees are setting students up for success in the health sciences — and helping them discover how to serve God and others in their careers and lives.

A Pivotal Role

As the secular worldview dominates higher education, we tackled the pivotal role of Christian universities in two features.

The coming decade will challenge Christian universities, but Christ-centred education is well-positioned for the countercultural discipleship needed today. READ MORE
As academia's intellectual fashions shift from decade to decade, Christian universities stand out. READ MORE


We also hosted conversation about the positive impact that Christian education has had on the public life of Canadians to mark our country’s 150th.

Dr. Andrew Bennett
May 6, 2017 @ Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa

Welcomes and

This year, Redeemer welcomed 647 students back to campus and sent off 141 graduates.

Student Satisfaction

Students reported that...*

The professors are extremely knowledgeable about their classes. I love the small class sizes, how personable the professors are and their interest in you as a person.

Were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” by the concern Redeemer showed for each student as an individual
Noted that their professors take a personal interest in students’ academic progress
Attested to Redeemer professor's knowledge of their field
* According to the 2017 Canadian University Consortium Survey

A Chemistry Prodigy

Student Janelle Vander Hout came away from a summer of research with a 2-D network structure christened with her initials.

A Change
of Course

After studying for a year at a public university, Julia DeWeerd felt God calling her to transfer to Redeemer’s Business program instead.

This year, I made friends that are my family away from home. I am loving every day of learning within a faith community.

Julia DeWeerd '21

Salut, Redeemer!

Kirsten Klompmaker and Nicole Katerberg spent a semester abroad in the south of France, deepening their understanding of the French language and experiencing a unique culture.

We were reminded that we were not there only to improve our French and to have fun—but that God had us there for a reason.

Kirsten Klompmaker '19 and Nicole Katerberg '19

Uncharted Territory

The Redeemer men’s basketball team entered uncharted territory in 2018. In an incredible season, they secured a 19-1 league record, were fourth in Ontario and were division champions.

Since Redeemer

Redeemer has 6,428 alumni who are reflecting the hope and love of Jesus Christ wherever they are called.


Redeemer’s alumni are giving back.

The successful finish of Redeemer’s ReMatch Challenge, an alumni fundraising competition, marked a milestone in the Re Campaign — the largest fundraising campaign in the university’s history.

Collectively raised during the ReMatch Challenge
Alumni participating
Raised for the Re Campaign

2017 Distinguished
Alumni Award

We named Hank de Jong ’99 the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award winner.

Hank is fostering Christ-centred transformation in classrooms worldwide at EduDeo and revitalizing the Barton Village neighbourhood through Campus 621.

Everything Has a Story

In Oshawa, Clarence Keesman ’98 is building a Christ-like community with the youth at The Refuge, an outreach and drop-in centre.

Keesman, The Refuge's executive director, encounters stories of brokenness and healing each and every day.

4 Sisters

4 Alumni, 4 Professions

Sisters and alumni – Elise, Maria, Carola and Loretta Vanderspek — are making an impact through careers that span the professional sphere: an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor and a teacher.

Teaching and Research

Fourteen faculty received $109,840 in research grants and funding.

, Henri

The Redeemer Religion and Theology department hosted a music-accompanied live reading and performance of Henri Nouwen’s most compelling letters.

A Poisonous
Yellow Book

Dr. Allan Curnew finds questions for the Christian student and scholar in a Decadent movement masterpiece.

Trashing Mountains

Through life-sized collages, Phil Irish explored mountain peaks and oil sands in his latest exhibition, mount pile.

The Story of

What if, Dr. Kevin Flatt’s latest research project poses—secularization is not the inevitable future of religion in all societies, but one of many possible futures?

EPI 2018 Winner

We announced our third Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner: Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson. With two talks on campus, she compared Captain America’s heroism and Flannery O’Connor’s saints.

A Call to
Christian Civility

The Centre for Christian Scholarship hosted its third fall conference with headliner Dr. Richard Mouw. His lectures called Christians to a faithful civility as tensions rise worldwide.

Your Support

Redeemer reached $17.5 million for the Re Campaign. That’s 87% of our goal!

* As of June 8, 2018

A Grateful

Donors make every year of education at Redeemer possible.

Eighty-seven percent of students receive over $6.7 million in financial aid.

Through the support of Redeemer's donors, students are receiving an excellent education, and so much more than that. I'm grateful for the many ways in which my time at Redeemer has been incredibly foundational for me.

Dylan Knibbe '19

Donors supplemented each student’s tuition by $3,400 last year. Donors also provided $126,270 in bursaries and scholarships!

The Redeemer campus honoured the faithful support of the donor community with the Gratitude Project.

Your support helped us to deliver on our mission and keep Redeemer running efficiently.

View our full audited financial statements.

Thanks to our generous donors, Redeemer’s long-term debt is now at $18.6 million, down from over $30 million in 2010. Reducing debt frees up capital to invest back into the university — keeping the academic program relevant and tuition affordable.

View our full audited financial statements.


Our theme for the coming year is “Here I am.” In saying and living “Here I am,” we offer ourselves wholeheartedly to God and waive our conditions. We are able to offer ourselves for his kingdom without reservation, because God has offered himself, most vulnerably in Jesus Christ.

Thank You!

As we look back on the 2017/18 year, we thank God for his work through our students, faculty and alumni.