2018 / 2019

Redeemer's 2018-19
Annual Report

A Historic Year

It has been a remarkable year in Redeemer’s institutional life. There is much to look forward to — and much to be grateful for.

By integrating faith and learning, Redeemer continues to prepare students to reflect the love of Jesus Christ wherever they are called to serve and live.

A New President

Dr. Graham Appointed

In the summer of 2018, the board announced the appointment of Dr. Robert J. Graham and on March 1, Redeemer celebrated Dr. Graham’s inauguration as the university’s fourth president.

Dr. Graham has an exciting vision for Christian higher education and holds a firm commitment to Redeemer’s mission.

Watch Dr. Graham's Introduction

A New Tuition and Fee Structure

Putting Christian Higher Education Within Reach

One of the most exciting announcements this academic year has been Redeemer’s 42% tuition reduction for Canadian undergraduate students.

The new tuition and fee structure will make it possible for more students to participate in a Christ-centred university education on a spiritually vibrant campus.

A Christian Gap Year Program

Act Five Announced

Redeemer announced in March 2019 that the university and five Christian high schools are together launching Act Five, an eight-month Christian gap year program.

The Christian gap year program will guide newly graduated high school students as they explore who they are, where they’re going and how their faith fits into a rapidly changing world.

Learn more about Act Five

The Impact of the 2020 Strategic Plan

Ready for 2020 and Beyond

Redeemer has made significant progress over the five years of the 2020 Strategic Plan.


June 2014

The five-year Redeemer 2020 Strategic Plan officially begins.

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February 2015

The Centre for Christian Scholarship launches.

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September 2015

The Core Curriculum launches.

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September 2015

Redeemer launches its redesigned website and Resound.

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September 2015

The Media and Communication Studies program launches.

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March 2017

The Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers launches.

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March 2017

The supporting $20 million Re Campaign is publicly announced.

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March 2018

The Urban and Intercultural Ministry program launches.

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January 2019

The Re Campaign, the largest fundraising effort in Redeemer’s history, hits $18.5 million — 90% of its goal!

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This year, Redeemer welcomed 705 students back to campus and sent off 159 graduates.

Caring for the Hamilton Community

Highlights from Hamilton's Innovation Hub

This year, highlights from CityLAB, Hamilton’s innovation hub, included student Keri Williams’ semester-in-residence and senior students’ independent projects for the first run of the Core capstone course.

Keri Williams '20 discovered her passion for working on city projects to build healthier communities.

Student Stories

Experiencing the Glen Workshop

Going to the Glen

Elise Arsenault ’19 grew as a poet and a person of faith at the Glen Workshop.

Elise Arsenault ’19

Contributing to University-Level Research

Christ-Centred Researchers

Redeemer is extending the impact of Christian education at all levels. In the summer of 2018, Redeemer launched a one-week intensive research fellowship for high school students.

Experiencing A Middle Eastern Culture

A Semester Spent in Jordan

Jessica Banninga ’19 spent a semester abroad in Jordan, immersed in a different culture, language and religion.

Jessica Banninga ’19


Redeemer has 6,659 alumni who are reflecting the love and hope of Jesus Christ wherever they are called.

2018 Alumni Award Winner

Faith and Medicine

Dr. Dan Reilly '96 is Redeemer's 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award winner. Reilly is a caring advocate for patients in rural Ontario and for the next generation of health-care leaders.

Dr. Dan Reilly's achievements were celebrated at a reception in Hamilton this past October.

Alumni Stories

Intentional About Community

Jake Bakker '18 is starting his career with a combination of business and missions in Central America.

Jake Bakker ’18

The Play that Binds

Aaron Joel Craig '10 lives out his faith by directing theatre that tells countercultural stories.

Aaron Joel Craig ’10

Immanence and Immunity

Dr. Rodney DeKoter ’88, a member of Redeemer's third-ever graduating class, is studying the connection between nuclear proteins and leukemia.

Dr. Rodney DeKoter ’88


16 faculty received $118,674 in research grants and funding.

Collecting Poetry That Inspires Stewardship

Poetry and Ecology

Dr. Deborah Bowen’s research is connecting communities with poetry that inspires care for the environment.

Faculty Achievements

Professors Making Their Mark

Confidence through the Case Method

Redeemer business professors Laurie Busuttil and Susan Van Weelden are making their mark on the North American business landscape with best-selling course materials.

A Reformed Approach to Mathematics

Stewarding Talent in Mathematics

By putting mathematics in context, Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen writes, Redeemer students move past idolizing a powerful way of knowing.

Spiritual Content in Mainstream Music

Finding the Sacred in the Secular

Dr. Timothy Epp's research explores the spiritual content in mainstream music.

2018 EPI Winner

A Just World

Historian Dr. Heath W. Carter is Redeemer’s 2018 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner. He specializes in the church's role in addressing inequality in America.

Your Support

Redeemer is in the final stretch of the Re Campaign! Funding has reached $18.7 million – 94% of our goal!*

* As of April 30, 2019

Giving Thanks for Donors’ Support

A Grateful Campus

Donors make every year of education at Redeemer possible. Donors supplemented each student’s tuition by $3,600 last year.

Donors also provided $142,186 in bursaries and scholarships.

Your Support

Re Golf Tournament

In May, Redeemer alumni, donors and business partners gathered for the Re Golf Tournament, celebrating the campaign’s success and helping to finish its final year well.

Financials at a Glance

Your support has helped Redeemer to deliver on its mission and keep running efficiently.

View our full audited financial statements.

Debt Reduction

Thanks to generous donors, Redeemer’s long-term debt is now at $17.4 million, down from over $30 million in 2010.* Reducing debt frees up capital to invest back into the university — keeping the academic program relevant and tuition affordable.

* As of April 30, 2019

In Closing

Redeemer's theme for the coming year is “Come and See.” Like the curious disciples in John 1, Jesus calls us to come and see what he is already doing. In the dynamic presence of Jesus, we become disciples who join in the restoration of all creation.

Looking back on the 2018-19 year, we thank God for his work through our students, faculty and alumni and for your support.