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2019 / 2020

Redeemer University
2019-20 Annual Report

An unprecedented end to the year


Life in community ended early this year amid physical distancing directives resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. But students, faculty and staff met the challenge by taking classes online and finding God in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, we can see that we are a people called to place our absolute trust and hope in the God of all creation. Christ sits on the throne and he reigns over all. He is mightier than any challenge we face.

Dr. Robert J. Graham, President

A New Name

Redeemer University

Becoming Redeemer University is a milestone worth celebrating. The name change clarifies that Redeemer is, as it has been for two decades now, an institution that grants university degrees. Through this change, Redeemer’s ability to accomplish the mission of preparing the next generation of Christian leaders to make a difference for God’s kingdom has been strengthened.

Redeemer students show off t-shirts celebrating the name change.

Things are looking up

Enrolment Increase

Redeemer welcomes the second largest incoming class in the school’s history.

This is an exciting time of growth at Redeemer…We praise God for the privilege of being able to engage these new students in Christian university education.

Dr. David Zietsma, Provost

That’s a Wrap

Redeemer’s Most Successful Fundraising Campaign in History

The 2020 Strategic Plan funded by the Re Campaign strengthened the university’s mission and brought Christian higher education within reach.

Learn. Forward.

Redeemer University’s
Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

A New Provost

Dr. Zietsma Appointed As Provost

In January 2020, Redeemer announced the appointment of Dr. David Zietsma as provost and vice-president, academic. Dr. Zietsma brings a wealth of experience, passion and vision to the position. He has been a visionary change agent in key areas across the institution for the last 10 years, and he takes on this new role at a critical time of growth and development for Redeemer.

David has been a visionary change agent in key areas across the institution.

Dr. Robert J. Graham, President

Tech that Connects

Reaching Higher

Through advanced technology, the Reaching Higher project is becoming a model for larger campuses to create online and digital experiences that connect everyone and everything on campus.

We’re introducing newer technologies that certainly move us to be leading edge in many ways.

Len Moelker, Director of information technology


Gospel, Church & Culture

Dr. Ken Herfst, assistant professor of ministry, shares his thoughts on what ministry, both at home and abroad, looks like today.

The kingdom of God... is the world as God really wants it to be.

Dr. Ken Herfst, assistant professor of ministry

Christians in Social Work

Rooted In Hope

Dr. Jim Vanderwoerd, professor of social work and chair of the department of applied social sciences, reflects on the tension that exists for Christians working in the field of social work and how Redeemer is preparing its students to deal with that tension.

Social work helps people to navigate the consequences of how sin has damaged their relationships and their life.

Dr. Jim Vanderwoerd, professor of social work


This year, Redeemer welcomed 789 students back to campus and sent off 188 graduates.

Student Stories

God in the Numbers

The World According to Numbers

Fourth-year student Esther Vander Meulen is pursuing greater knowledge of God and the world through her studies and summer research in mathematics.

Esther Vander Meulen ’20

Studying abroad in france

Perserverance and Reliance on God in Montpellier

While studying abroad in France, student Erica Ten Hove learned just how crucial her faith was during a time of unexpected homesickness.

Erica Ten Hove

life in residence

The Gift of Living in Community

Third-year student and residence advisor Natalie Lantz shares lessons learned and experience gained from living in a first-year dorm for three years.

Natalie Lantz

Building Bridges

Entering into Relationship with the Indigenous Community

Two fourth-year students reflect on their efforts to build relationships with the Indigenous community and on their hopes for the future of these connections.

Going where God leads

Reflections from the class of 2019

Graduate Johanna Wolfert shares what God has taught her over the past four years at Redeemer.

Students in Ministry

Student International Mission Experiences

Worlds away, students share ministry experiences amongst a world of struggle in Guatamala and Thailand.

The Inaugural Year

Act Five Gap
Year Program

Act Five completed its inaugural year, engaging 12 young people in an eight-month Christian gap year program filled with adventure, travel, service, learning and mentorship.

Act Five Year One in Photos


Redeemer has 6,830 alumni who are reflecting the love and hope of Jesus wherever they are called.

2019 DAA Winner

Advancing Inclusive Classrooms

Dr. Kimberly Maich ’93, Redeemer’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, is making an impact on special education and the experiences of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr. Kimberly Maich ‘93 — this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

Alumni Stories

Community-Based Conservation

Creation Care
in the City

Through her work with A Rocha, Amila Dreise ’13 is advancing care for creation in Hamilton and Ontario at large.

Amila Dreise ‘13

godly parenting

Influencing the Next Generation of Disciples

Natalie Frisk ’07 is raising disciples with curriculum for kids and youth used all over the world and with her newly published book.

God at Work

Faith and Conviction in the Modern Workplace

Braden VanDyk ’19 is learning to talk openly about his faith as a millennial in the modern workplace.

A Career in the Nation's Capital

Ethics, Politics
and Higher Ed

Brittany Lorenz ’14 is making her mark on the capital, working and teaching in Ottawa’s political sector.

Brittany Lorenz ’14


30 faculty received $184,593 in research grants and funding.

Faculty Achievements

Bringing Historic Texts
to Today‘s Classroom

Finding Wisdom from Translation

Redeemer faculty have been involved in some important translation work, helping to bring ideas from the past to our modern world.

Back to the garden

Magnificent Music

Over the summer, Dr. Christiaan Teeuwsen performed and taught on some of the most important historic organs in Europe’s “organ garden.”

The medium & the message

From Aslan to the Avengers

Dr. Adam Barkman delivered a lecture series in Paris exploring unchangeable ideas in the changeable medium of motion pictures.

Community Sustainability

Applying Science to the Real World

Delving into George’s world

Scholarships, Sketches and Shaw

With help from a prestigious scholarship, associate professor of theatre arts Dr. Sharon Klassen delves into the world of turn-of-the-century playwright George Bernard Shaw.

2019 EPI Winner

Welcoming the Stranger

Theologian Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, the 2019 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner, is helping Christian leaders to respond faithfully to immigration in their communities.

Dr. Matthew Kaemingk — this year’s Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner.

Your Support

The Re Campaign came to a close in 2019. Over $19.25 million was raised from more than 900 donors.

A Grateful Campus

Giving Thanks

Redeemer’s annual Gratitude Project makes time to be thankful for what God is doing through Christian education and its faithful supporters.

Your Support

Financials at a Glance

Your support has helped Redeemer to deliver on its mission and keep running efficiently.

View our full audited financial statements.

Debt Reduction

Thanks to generous donors, Redeemer’s long-term debt is now at $16.4 million, down from over $30 million in 2010.* Reducing debt frees up capital to invest back into the university — keeping the academic program relevant and tuition affordable.

* As of April 30, 2020

Thank You

Redeemer is grateful to God for the work he has done over the past year through its students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters.

Bonus! Sneak a peek at the 2020/21 theme

get a sneak peak

Redeemer’s theme for 2020-21

As the academic year approaches, we are excited to see how God’s grace and strength will be enough for everyone, for all the challenges and all the wonderful plans that he has for us. We anticipate God’s dynamic power and presence to carry us forward in his mission. We offer him our weaknesses and strengths; humble dependence and expectant faith; plans and unknowns. Nothing is too big or too small for his grace.