Congratulations on being chosen for an interview for a spot in Redeemer’s Bachelor of Education two-year post-graduate program.  Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing forward with a virtual interview experience.  Below are detailed instructions on how the virtual interviews will take place. 

Written Component

At the designated start time of your interview, you will be sent a question about your interest in education via e-mail, to which you will compose a response. This portion will take up the first 30 minutes of your interview time slot.  You will be asked to send your response back to the sender promptly after 30 minutes has passed.


You will then be sent an email response with a link to a Google Meet virtual meeting.  Please click on the link.  You will then be let into a meeting with the Education faculty of Redeemer.  The education interview is a standard part of the application process. It will focus on your desire to pursue a career as a teacher, your experience with children, your academic record and your commitment to education.  


Ahead of your virtual interview, you will need to prepare a five minute mini-lesson on a topic of your choice.  You will then present to the members of the education faculty during your interview as though they were students in your classroom. To prepare, you should pick a grade level, subject area (e.g. Art, Math, French etc.), and a topic that you are confident in and comfortable teaching. Consider doing some research on lesson planning online to help you prepare.  

In total, the interview process takes approximately 60 minutes. Once complete, results and recommendations from the interview team will be forwarded to the admissions committee. Final admissions decisions will be made in the following 2-4 weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email your admissions counsellor, Shikaina Jacob, at