Redeemer University recognizes that the creation of a positive learning experience includes attention to students’ health and wellbeing. We take strides to both accommodate and provide for student health needs. The Student Life department and the Residence Life staff – the typical first contacts for student concerns – are trained in both First Aid and Mental Health First Aid and are knowledgeable about Redeemer’s available services as well as external community services.

Health Insurance

All students are required to have medical insurance. Students not covered under a Canadian Provincial Health plan must provide evidence of medical insurance. All US/International Students are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan. US/International students who have proof of health insurance that covers them while studying in Canada may opt out. Please consult with the Student Life Department for more information.

Health Services

Maintaining your physical health is very important while you are trying to live and study as a student. The on-campus Student Health Clinic is staffed by a registered nurse practitioner who provides primary health care. Origin Physiotherapy also operates on Redeemer’s campus. In addition, Redeemer University is located in Hamilton, which boasts of an extensive network of health services as well as having the second largest hospital group in Ontario.

Campus Safety

The Redeemer Security department is committed to ensuring that the Redeemer campus is a safe and orderly environment in which to live, work and learn. To meet this goal, we seek to work collaboratively with all members of the university and the larger Ancaster-Hamilton community.

Some of our principal responsibilities are:

  • Patrol and surveillance of the campus buildings and grounds
  • Emergency response to medical and other emergencies
  • Administration of on-campus parking
  • Management of the University Key Control System
  • Enforcement of University guidelines and policies

You can call Security at any time by phone at 905-648-2139 ext. 4444; 905-961-4444 or by email at

Mental Health & Other Supports

Pastoral Support – Students can connect with Redeemer’s chaplain for conversation and pastoral support.

Personal Counselling – Students are able to access mental health support services from qualified, professional Christian counsellors. These services are provided through the Christian Counselling Centre. Four sessions are provided at no cost to students each academic year. Information about these services can be located on the Redeemer App.

Vocational Support – Guidance with questions about vocation, life future, career testing, choosing a major, etc. through Redeemer’s Career Centre.

Personal Respect Advisors — Employees of Redeemer who are available for contact in cases of suspected discrimination and/or harassment. Their information is posted around the academic building and on the App.

Mental Health Services

Through St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Mental Health Nurse – Consultation, assistance with medical monitoring of treatment
Peer Mentor – Additional 1:1 support from staff with lived experience
Substance Use Counsellor – Substances use counselling for students aged 12-22
Family Educator – Support and information for family or friends of student

Learning Services and Accessible Learning

Redeemer University is committed to helping students with disabilities reach their full academic potential.