How does the Lord grow us spiritually during the university years? The simple answer is: in countless ways. We mature spiritually through our interpersonal relationships, the courses we take, the official and unofficial mentors we learn from, through worship, devotions, small groups, guest speakers, volunteering, mission trips, the wonderful and the difficult events in our lives and much more.

"What drew me to Redeemer – and what continues to make this such a great place to be – is the community. I’ve found it in the classroom and across campus." Read More

Julie Plaisier

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"At Redeemer, the class sizes are smaller and the lab facilities are excellent, and there is an integration of the science curriculum with personal faith." Read More

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Campus ministry at Redeemer University College seeks to honour the “un-recipe-like” character of spiritual growth by using a “yeast in the dough” model of ministry. Our goal is to make many types of “official” programming available, and to encourage students to be available to the Spirit’s leading for the countless “unofficial” ways in which God grows us. How might God transform us most powerfully? It might be the weekly dorm devotion time, or it might be the two-minute, unplanned conversation that took place in the hallway between classes. Our calling is to make room for the Holy Spirit to have His way on our campus in any manner He might choose to use.

All Christian universities have to deal with the “bubble syndrome”: creating a cozy community that becomes inward, focused on itself. Redeemer students recognize that living faith seeks to be a light to the world, and the world is right in our backyard. Therefore, we organize a variety of ways of reaching out to that world, both nearby and farther away. In addition to organized clubs and outreach, many students find ways to reach out on their own, with the support and encouragement of Redeemer faculty and staff.

At Redeemer, you’ll find places for quiet reflection, shared devotion and community worship. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share and apply your faith both on and off campus. Whether you join the Chapel team, participate in the monthly Church in the Box, or get involved in small groups, a prayer ministry or a student-led praise band, you will discover what it means to live in a way that honours who you are and who God is.