Vertical Purpose

At Redeemer, it’s more than just a game. It’s community. It’s holistic development. It’s all for a Vertical Purpose. 

Our mission is to train Christian athletes to become champions for Christ by placing the highest values on faith, influence, teamwork, and excellence. 

We strive to see Royals that display their identity in Christ and are empowered to pursue athletic excellence from a desire to honour and glorify His name above all. This is the starting point for what it means to compete in a varsity program as a Redeemer Royal. 

Developing the Whole Person

Redeemer focuses on the holistic development of a student-athlete. We are committed to providing a Christ-centered championship experience to enhance holistic athletic excellence and maximize the great potential of our students. We seek to develop Royals who impact the world in which they live, work, and compete so that the Kingdom is advanced, Christ is honoured, and the Gospel is spread.

In Athletics, our core verse which guides and provides a foundation for all we do comes from Romans 12:1:

“Therefore I urge you, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.”

Romans 12:1

Taking the bodies, abilities, and gifts that we have been given and living in a manner that honours God is our spiritual service of worship. This is how we seek to live day-by-day in Redeemer Athletics. 

“By embracing the integration of faith and sport, Redeemer athletics has not only enhanced my skills, but also challenged me to become a better person, athlete, and Christian. This transformation is something I’m excited to bring into my future endeavors!” 

Carlene Cecchelli – Redeemer Royals Women’s Volleyball, Class of 2025

“My involvement with Redeemer Athletics enabled me to view my sport as an act of worship. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals with a love for Christ encouraged me to use my gifts to glorify God through sport” 

Brett Jenkins – Redeemer Royals Athletic Coordinator, MVB Alumni, CCAA All-Canadian 22-23’

What makes athletics at Redeemer different?

Redeemer student-athletes put in the time and the effort for their teammates, for their families, but most importantly, they are using their gifts and abilities to glorify God. When this is at the center of how you train and compete, the wins are that much sweeter because of the individual you are developing into. Wherever you play your post-secondary career, the wins will likely come in some form or another. But for Redeemer student-athletes, it is much more than just the wins because it is about much more than just the game.

Hear from Athletic Director James Kryger and MVB/MHKY Alumni Isaiah Thornback as they describe what being a student-athlete at Redeemer is all about on this episode of the Redeemer University Podcast.