This course explores the historical transformations that have led to the development of modern China. Topics include the rise of the Qing dynasty, contact with Western powers, the rebellions and revolutions that led to the fall of the Qing, the emergence of Chinese nationalism, war with Japan, the rise of nationalist communism, Mao’s “Cultural Revolution,” the development of state-sponsored capitalism, and the role of China in globalization.
A World at War: The Turbulent Twentieth Century
This course introduces the major events of the twentieth century, with an emphasis on global trends and the global dimensions of international conflicts and cooperation. Topics include World War I; the rise of dictators; World War II; the Cold War; decolonization and the emergence of the ‘Third World’; cultural revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s; trade, development, and terrorism; and the global resurgence of religion.
A World at War: The Turbulent Twentieth Century (HIS‑108);

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