Students will learn how to prescribe exercise for the purpose of disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in those with chronic mental and/or physical conditions. An introduction to clinical procedures will assist students in preparing for clinical practice.
Exercise Physiology I
This course will study the physiological response of the body’s systems to a bout of exercise and the adaptations that occur to these systems with training. Systems studied include the energy producing systems, as well as the muscular, pulmonary, neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, skeletal and immune systems. This course will emphasize how these physiological systems are integrated together to maintain the body’s internal environment in response to the stress of the exercise. The course includes a weekly two-hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Exercise Physiology I (KPE‑318);
Exercise Prescription & Training
This course will prepare students to design advanced exercise prescriptions based upon evidence-based training principles. This includes client interaction and individualized exercise programs for various initial levels of fitness, age, preference, and motivation. This course will also teach proper lifting and spotting techniques for a variety of resistance exercises. Includes a weekly 75-minute lab.
Exercise Prescription & Training (KPE‑130) Year 4 standing

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